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Ranbir Kapoor Shares How His Daughter, Raha Says “I Love You”, Adds, “It’s The Most Joyful Thing” Read Here!

Recently, Bollywood notable actor Ranbir Kapoor talked candidly about his daughter Raha Kapoor and how his young child tells him, “I love you.”

Ranbir Kapoor reveals what he tells his daughter, Raha during face-time

On November 24, 2023, Bobby Deol, Ranbir Kapoor’s co-star in Animal, and he attended the music premiere of their movie. The actor talked candidly about his daughter Raha at the occasion. The actor responded in a cute way when a journalist asked him what he said to his child during video calls. In response to the journalist’s inquiry, Ranbir disclosed that his daughter responds to his body language. Ranbir mentioned how she makes a hugging gesture whenever she has to say ‘I love you.’

“No no, she’s responding, she’s knocking eyes, when she has to tell I love you, she does this, she gives flying kisses. There is no bigger joy. It’s the most joyful thing in life. So, I highly recommend it to all of you guys who have lots of children. Let’s increase the population of our country.”

Bobby Deol also mentioned Ranbir and Raha during the event. A lovely response was given by the actor when asked if he had ever seen Ranbir with his daughter, Raha. In response to the reporter, Bobby said that although he hadn’t met Raha, he had witnessed Ranbir constantly facetiming her while Animal was being shot. Bobby gave further details, saying:

“I have seen him face-timing her all the time. I have never met her. His daughter is such a cutie. She is grown, imagine the film started with his daughter being born, and now she is one year old. He has been with so much through this film. You see the film, you see the promo, you will realise the kind of character he has played, it has so much complexity, it’s like the growth of a child itself in the movie. And to have in his own personal life, having his first child and experiencing the joy of it….” Click here to watch.

When Ranbir revealed the two lullabies he sings for his daughter, Raha

Ranbir Kapoor discussed his daughter Raha while making an appearance on the singing reality show Indian Idol Season 14. The actor responded to a question about the lullabies he sings for his little bundle of joy in a lovely way. Adding that he usually sings two songs for Raha, Ranbir mentioned: “There are two songs that I usually sing, one is that little irritating song which is Baby Shark, kids love it these days and the second song is Lalla Lalla Lori.”

When Ranbir Kapoor shared his tattoo, which he got for Raha

Ranbir revealed having a tattoo on his collarbone during his appearance on Unstoppable with NBK. The actor demonstrated his love for Raha as a loving father by flaunting his recently acquired tattoo. Showing off the name of his infant daughter etched on his collarbone, Ranbir said:  “So, I have the name of my daughter, Raha.”

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