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Rakhi Sawant Vs Adil Khan’s GF Tanu! Full Interview

Rakhi Sawant and the relentless controversy around her marriage with Adil Khan Durrani continues.

Watch Rakhi Sawant Video On Adil Khan’s GF TANU –

Shedding light on Adil’s extramarital affair – Rakhi has revealed the name of the other woman, in a candid chat with Instant Bollywood. For the unversed, Rakhi had accused Adil of cheating on her while she was in Bigg Boss Marathi 4. 

“Her name is Tanu. Shame on you.” – said Rakhi.

Sawant also revealed that Tanu hails from Indore. She’s an IIT business woman who has even struggled in Bollywood for 8 years.

Adil Was Cheating On Rakhi While Her Mom Was In The Hospital!

Shame on Tanu for stealing someone else’s husband. Take him! How long will it last? When I went to Bigg Boss Marathi, I left all things up to Adil. My mom was battling cancer and later, I got to know from Adil’s fans about his affair. They sent me pics and photos of his infidelity. But I was tight-lipped about it…I begged him to leave Tanu.

Tanu Provoked – Led To Physical Altercation Between Rakhi-Adil?

I even wanted to forgive him. But Tanu provoked us so much on call – that it even led to a physical altercation between me and Adil. She would incite him saying – ‘bash her up and come to me instead. I have a BMW, and a flat in Imperial Heights in Indore’.

Is Adil Finding A New House?

He didn’t tell me, he’s disappeared since 3 days. He insists I should apologize in the media if I want him to return. He’s harassed me a lot. He kept blackmailing me that he wouldn’t come back if I revealed his affair to the media. He cheated on me with multiple women!

I will show everyone Adil’s true colours. He has many cases filed against him in Mysore, I will reveal which girl did that.

Adil Kicked Rakhi, Had Love Bites From Tanu

When I returned from Mom’s funeral, would you believe it – there were love bites all over Adil! I dropped at his feet, pleading with him, I even peed myself and he kicked me! I’ll put his love bites on my Insta.

He has left me for that girl. I challenge Tanu – an Adil that couldn’t be his wife’s, could never be yours! He has been with me for a year, you stole him. I’ve come forward so that Adil doesn’t mess up another woman’s life like he did mine – for fame and money.

Adil Has Criminal Record, Was In Jail Too!

He used me as a ladder to climb up in Bollywood, I will reveal in Court how much money he took from me.

On 1st, he was jailed by the Mysore police for 2 days. During that time, my Mom needed urgent surgery. Even though Adil’s phone was on, he didn’t send money to my Bhabhi. Bhabhi said Mom would’ve survived if she was operated on time. He told my Bhabhi, ‘I’m busy’. He was with THAT girl, celebrating 31st, sleeping with her while my Mom was taking her last breaths. I have videos of him dancing in the club during that time.

Shame on Tanu – Adil did tell her he was married and complained about me. I will file all the cases on them.

Tanu Is Housing Adil In Imperial Heights –

‘Get lost, file all the cases’ – Adil mocked me, even though I was giving him a chance to deal with this with some integrity.

He threatened me that he has money. I want to caution Mumbai brokers to not give Adil any house to rent; he has a criminal record. Tanu is currently housing him in Imperial Heights. Let’s see how he destroys Tanu.

Adil has converted me to Islam, you get ready for that too Tanu!

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