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Rakhi Sawant Vs Adil Khan Controversy Updates –

Rakhi Sawant had accused Adil Khan of cheating on her with a woman named Tanu. The police detained him after she filed a complaint alleging abuse and torture.

She also accused him of doing a 1.5 crore scam. She even claimed he stole Rs 5 lakh cash and her mother’s jewellery worth Rs 2.5 lakh!

What Happened To 1.5 Crore Amount?

Talking about the 1.5 crore amount he took from Rakhi, Adil said – “I’ve invested the money in business. Within four months I’ll return the 1.5 crore with interest.” 

He’d also threatened to pay someone 50k and run Rakhi over if she went against him. Apparently, he’d mocked Rakhi saying he would sleep with other women and send her videos to make her jealous!

“Mere against gayi toh pachaas hazaar dekar truck se kuchalwa dunga.” Adil had threatened Rakhi!

Adil To Marry Tanu?

Adil has reportedly told Tanu that he’ll marry her once this controversy blows over.

“Adil has told Tanu that after coming out of this, he will hold a press conference and do a nikkah with her in five days.” – Rakhi commented.

Amidst this while scandal, Rakhi’s ex-husband Riteish has come out in her support, saying – “I’ll always stand by your side.”

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