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Rajpal Yadav Talked About Passing Of His First Wife: “I Was Supposed To Meet Her, But I Carried Her Body On My Shoulders.”

Rajpal Yadav, an actor, rose to fame as one of the generation’s most adored comedy actors, but not before experiencing his own misfortunes. The actor shared details of his life, including how he handled losing his first wife when he was only 20 years old.

Rajpal claimed the catastrophe happened to him when he was “not capable of handling the weight of emotions” in an interview with The Lallantop. The entire Hamlet discussed how the actor had been able to land a job at such a young age after hearing that he had been chosen to work at the Ordnance Clothing factory. The marriage that finally ensued.

He said, “People used to urge your family to arrange your marriage if you were a 20-year-old man with a job back then. So, my father arranged for my marriage. My first wife recently gave birth to a daughter before passing away. I was meant to meet her the following day, but I was instead carrying her lifeless body. But because of my family—my mother in particular—and my sister-in-law, my kid never felt as though she was without her mother and experienced a lot of affection growing up.”

Rajpal claimed that it took him 13 years to establish himself as an actor after the death of his first wife in 1991. During that time, he studied at NSD and worked on TV shows and films. The actor was feeling “settled” in 2000, the year his movie Jungle was released. “Radha and I first met when I was 31. In 2001, I traveled to shoot The Hero, where we connected and stayed in touch. After receiving approval from both families, we were married in 2003.

Rajpal praised Radha for supporting him through it all, becoming a part of his family, and raising his first wife’s daughter as her own. “Believe me, I’ve never requested that my wife wear a sari or anything else. My wife converses with my mum in a similar manner to how I do. She picked up the language, and when I arrived in the hamlet one day, I noticed that woh muh dhak ke baithi hui hai because of the way women live there. No one ever suspects she speaks five languages when she visits the village for Holi and Diwali! No attempt was made on my part.

My wife has always backed me fully, second only to my guru and my parents. The girl I had with my previous marriage was also raised by Radha as her own. She is currently in Lucknow and is happily married, but my family and wife deserve all the credit. Everything came along and assisted; I did nothing; I was only a medium, he concluded.

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