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Radhika Madan Talks About Facing Body-Shaming For Gaining Weight Says, “Not Chasing Any Shape And Size” Read Here!

Radhika Madan talked openly about the body shaming she experienced as a result of gaining weight in an honest conversation.

Actress Radhika Madan reveals about facing body-shaming

In a recent interview, Radhika Madan talked candidly about experiencing body-shaming on Bollywood Bubble. The diva revealed that she experienced trolling for both her weight gain and loss. The diva, who frequently left her fans in awe of her beauty and good looks, disclosed that she had to put on 12 kg in order to play a part in the film Pataakha. Speaking further about the subject, Radhika revealed that she experienced body-shaming after gaining weight. And once more, she had to deal with criticism when she needed to shed pounds for another film. Speaking further about the subject, Radhika revealed:

“Koi kabhi khush nahi ho sakta. When I gained weight for Pataakha, I gained about 12 kilos for Pataakha. I was ashamed at that point. When I lost weight for Angrezi, I was ashamed at that point.” 

The actress went on to say that no one, no matter what they do, can ever make others happy. According to Radhika, she is happy when she is healthy, feels energised in her current shape, and is at ease with her size and appearance. In addition, she criticised those who had body-shamed her and asserted that, in her opinion, people mirror what they perceive in one another. Speaking further about the subject, Radhika said:

“When I did Shiddat, when I was heavier than this, I was ashamed then and if I have lost weight or whatever it is I’m ashamed. So, I’m like woh kabhi khush nahi ho sakte koi bhi. I feel people see in you what they see in themselves. And agar mein fit feel kar rahi hu kisi bhi size mein, healthy feel kar rahi hu aur meri energy levels ache hai, mere reports wagera sab kuch sahi hai, then I’m happy.”

Further into the interview, Radhika Madan stated that she is not interested in any particular shape or size. She went on to say that she was content and that she desired a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, Radhika stated that she is not here to please everyone, which is again nearly impossible because people will always have opinions. Radhika is reported to have said:

“I’m not chasing any shape or size. I just want to be happy. If I’m ok with myself, I’m happy. I don’t want anything else. I want a healthy life. I’m not here to impress or gain validation from every single person. I won’t be able to. Mein Oscar bhi le aau, National Award bhi tab bhi bolenge itni achi acting thi nahi waise, so-so, I can try but I cannot make everyone happy. Mein bas khudse khush rehna chahti hu aur chain ki neend sona chahti hu.”

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