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Priyanka Chopra’s Cousin Mannara Ventures Into Bigg Boss 17, Actress Shares Heartwarming Message

In a heartwarming gesture, global icon Priyanka Chopra recently took to Instagram Stories to extend her best wishes and love to her cousin, Mannara Chopra, as she embarks on the exciting journey of Bigg Boss 17. Accompanying this heartfelt message is a throwback picture that adds an extra layer of nostalgia and affection.

A Heartfelt Throwback

The throwback photo hails from the time when Priyanka held the prestigious title of Miss World. The picture captures a young Mannara embracing her cousin Priyanka with warmth and affection. Alongside this sweet image, Priyanka penned a message brimming with love and good fortune for her “little one.”

Priyanka’s Blessings

There’s no room for doubt when it comes to Priyanka’s support. She pens, “Throwback to little Mannara Chopra…Good luck, little one,” accentuated by a heart emoji to convey her sentiment. The post eloquently speaks of the strong family bond that transcends the glitter and glamour of their respective careers.

Mannara in Bigg Boss 17

Bigg Boss 17, under the masterful hosting of Salman Khan, kicked off on October 15, with Mannara Chopra being among the first to enter the house as “Sadasya number 1.” Categorized under “Dil,” her candid and no-nonsense approach has already established her as a standout contestant on the show.

The Special Bond

Audiences of the show have taken keen interest in Mannara’s interactions with comedian Munawar Faruqui. Their unique connection has warmed hearts, with many predicting that they could secure a spot in the top 5. Mannara’s presence on the Bigg Boss stage promises to be an engaging and exciting addition to the show.

Priyanka’s Heartfelt Gesture

Priyanka Chopra’s message of support for Mannara not only highlights the family’s unwavering love but also adds a touch of celebrity glamour to the ongoing Bigg Boss 17 season. As Mannara navigates the trials and tribulations of the house, she carries the heartfelt blessings and love of her cousin, Priyanka. In the world of reality television, such gestures serve as a reminder that even within highly competitive environments, family remains a steadfast source of strength and encouragement.

As the Bigg Boss 17 journey unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate how Mannara Chopra will continue to win hearts within the house, and the warmth of Priyanka’s message adds an extra layer of excitement to the unfolding drama.

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