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Pressure And Threats: Why Vijay Sethupathi Left Muralitharan Biopic Named 800

It has been rumoured that Vijay Sethupathi, who is currently making waves for his role in filmmaker Atlee’s blockbuster film Jawan, was the initial option to act in the film. The planned biopic on ace Sri Lankan cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan is called 800, and it has been rumoured that Vijay Sethupathi will play the lead role in the film.

The actor who plays Jawan initially expressed excitement about the prospect of appearing in the movie, but in the end, he made the decision not to take part. Muttiah recently discussed Vijay’s sudden departure from the film in an interview, saying that the actor felt ‘tremendous pressure’ to leave the project. The cricket player came forward with some unsettling information after rumours of him being cast in the biopic spread like wildfire on social media. Among these details was the revelation that Vijay’s family had been threatened.

The reason for Vijay Sethupathi’s departure from 800

Despite the fact that there were initial rumours involving Vijay being cast in the role of the legendary cricketer in the upcoming biopic 800, Madhur Mittal, who has appeared in films such as Slumdog Millionaire and Million Dollar Arm, has been chosen for the role. When it came to casting the movie, according to Muralitharan, the first name that came to mind for the studio was Vijay.

The batsman stated that the producers of the film had arranged for him to meet Vijay because the actor was staying at the same hotel as him during the Indian Premier League (IPL). This interview took place on Zoom TV. Muralitharan continued by stating that he had a conversation with Vijay and listened to the narration of the movie because Vijay was a fan of his.

According to the cricketer, after reading the script for the biography, Vijay demonstrated genuine enthusiasm for the project, and he asserted that he could not pass up such an amazing opportunity. The producers had intended for the actor to play the role initially, but after receiving feedback from the public, they decided to replace him.

Muralitharan stated that Vijay was under a great deal of pressure and that threats were being made against his family. In an interview, Muralitharan referred to the film as “a sports movie” that has “nothing to do with anything political or anything else,” instead focusing on telling the “true story of a man.”

On October 6, audiences in a number of countries and languages will be able to watch 800, which stars Madhur Mittal in the role of Muttiah Muralitharan.

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