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‘Pranayama Truly Eye-opening, Helped Me Fight Emotional Challenges’: Prajakta Mali

Prajakta Mali has an ‘Osho’ tattoo on her palm.

Prajakta emphasised the importance of pranayama as it assists actors in handling the negativity, competition and insecurities prevalent in their profession.

Actress Prajakta Mali completed a pranayama course in 2018 and is now a firm believer in its numerous benefits. An avid follower of Osho and his teachings, she even has an ‘Osho’ tattoo on her palm. She has always been drawn to meditation and Osho’s talks, but her recent encounter with pranayama has been truly eye-opening. It assisted her in navigating through emotional challenges, and she now feels transformed as a result.

Prajakta Mali, known for her role in the movie Sangharsh (2014), believes that everyone should adopt meditation or relaxation techniques. As actors, they lead a thrilling yet stressful life, expressing emotions in an unnatural manner for their roles. While the emotions depicted are real, they don’t reflect their personal experiences. This intense emotion takes a toll on them physically and mentally, she said. Prajakta emphasised the importance of meditation and pranayama in such situations, as it assists them in handling the negativity, competition and insecurities prevalent in their profession. These practices offer a means to cope with the challenges and maintain balance and well-being in their lives.

Prajakta Mali added that while the entertainment industry offers immense fame and wealth, its competitive nature presents challenges for every artist. The uncertainty of the profession makes it difficult to predict what the future holds, despite current success. To navigate these ups and downs, she highlighted the importance of cultivating patience and staying grounded. Prajakta’s personal experience with pranayama has been so impactful that she passionately recommends it to her fellow actors. She practices it diligently, to the point that people might even consider her a brand ambassador for the practice due to her enthusiasm and belief in its benefits, she added.

Recently, Prajakta Mali delightedly announced to her fans that she has acquired a farmhouse in the picturesque tourist spot of Karjat, Maharashtra. She revealed that she had taken a significant loan to make this dream come true. Sharing some stunning pictures from the farmhouse, she expressed her joy in finding a place where she can immerse herself in nature and enjoy the refreshing air.

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