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Poonam Pandey slammed for faking death in the name of Cancer awareness – Beyond Bollywood

Rozlyn Khan, a cancer patient herself, urges people to refrain from such publicity stunts. Director Jagbir Dahiya respects the cause but doesn’t approve of Pandey’s methods.

Screenshot of Poonam Pandey Instagram video

By Mayur Lookhar

The definition of ‘live’ video could never be so significant. As expected, Poonam Pandey isn’t dead. Early this day (3 February), the controversial, actor posted a video of her being alive, all hale and hearty.

As it turns out, she had faked her death 24 hours ago, all in the name of Cervical Cancer awareness.

As widely speculated, Pandey did this stunt two days ahead of World Cancer Day (4 February) and to create awareness about Cervical Cancer and its vaccine. In the recently declared Union budget, the Central Government had declared that HPV Vaccine for the same would be made available free to women aged between 9-26.

Pandey’s antics have largely drawn criticism, and is deemed as insensitive to real Cancer patients.

File: Poonam Pandey (L) and Jagbir Dahiya (c)

Director Jagbir Dahiya, who had cast Pandey in his film The Journey of Karma (2018), says, “Poonam is a good, sensitive human being. I think she should be lauded for creating Cancer awareness. There is no harm with the cause, but the method that she adopted is dubious”.

Dahiya reminded that Pandey usually resorts to such antics to remain in the news. He recalled her famous PR stunt during 2011 Cricket World Cup in India. Back then, Pandey had vowed to strip at the ground if India wins the ODI World Cup. The Indian team did win. Pandey, though, was debarred by the law authorities from commiting such acts.

Dahiya alerted Pandey that henceforth, it will be difficult for people to believe her.

“Poonam isn’t averse to staying in the news. Whilst everyone is now talking about Cervical Cancer, going forward it will be case of ‘Sher aaya’ with her. No one will believe her easily now”, cautioned Dahiya.

The director was right in his assessment with Poonam’s act reminding us of the classic The Boy Who Cried Wolf fable.

Pandey’s latest publicity stunt is also being dubbed as cheap, and insensitive towards real Cancer patients.

Model, actor Rozlyn Khan, who has been battling cancer for the last few years, urged people to refrain from such antics that can have an depressing impact on real patients.

Source: Rozlyn Khan facebook

“I don’t know if this news of Poonam (dying) is true, but if it is fake, then one needs to understand that people are using cancer for publicity” Khan had posted this as an Instagram story.

“There are 20 million cancer patients in India, every cancer death makes other cancer patients lose hope in life. So please refrain from such things,” added Khan.

Pandey’s latest publicity act might have gotten her headlines, but it is unlikely to amuse or give hope to real Cancer patients.

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