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Pooja Bhatt Open Up About Her Failed Marriage! Dedicated Alia’s Success to this Single Trait. READ!

Pooja Bhatt recently opened up about her failed marriage with Manish Makhija. She further tells about the traits she inherited from her father that Alia doesn’t share. Pooja shares a great bond with sister Alia Bhatt. Often she is seen appreciating her sister for her successful career.

Recently at a book launch, she opened up about her failed relationship with her husband. She further added that Alia is successful because she knows exactly what to share, and what not to.

Pooja Bhatt says Alia Bhatt knows what to share

During the launch of the book Unchain My Heart, Pooja Bhatt talked about her instinctive behavior she said it is her nature to talk about the issues, that she has inherited from her father. She further added, “I can’t let people tell me ‘Oh that was such a courageous thing to do. You spoke up about this.’ I can’t take credit for that. It is my nature. When I speak up for a woman, I speak up for myself When I speak up for a cause, I speak up for myself.”

She further talked about the trait that Alia does not share with her father. “It’s something I have inherited from my father, and it’s something that, thank God, my sister Alia has not. Because that’s the reason she is so successful. Because she knows exactly what to share, what not to share. What to put out there, what not to put out there,” she further added. However, she said over time she has learned that it’s only when she is speaking from the heart that things really get communicated.

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Pooja Bhatt said Alia knows exactly what to share, and what not to.

Pooja Bhatt also opens up about her failed marriage. She was married to restaurateur Manish Makhija from 2003 to 2014. She said, “As a woman, I realized that I lost myself in the process while ticking the box that society has set for me. It took me some time to realize that I was trapped in a marriage that wasn’t working for me. I lost my femininity. I forgot who I was. He was a perfectly wonderful man but there was a loneliness in my soul.”

Recently Pooja was seen as a contestant in Big Boss OTT. She was declared as the fourth runner-up.

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