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Pen Studios announces the release of Gujarati blockbuster Kasoombo in Hindi

Pen Studios, one of India’s leading production houses, is all set to captivate audiences across India once again with the fresh release of the critically acclaimed Gujarati blockbuster “Kasoombo” in Hindi. Following its phenomenal success in Gujarat, the film is poised to enthrall audiences nationwide as it hits theaters on May 3rd, 2024.

Directed by the visionary filmmaker Mr. Vijaygiri Bava, “Kasoombo” is a historical epic that transports viewers back to the latter half of the 13th century, a time marked by the relentless ambition of Allauddin Khilji. Driven by his lust for conquest in BharatVarsh, Khilji’s tyranny sparked a tale of resistance and valor that would echo through the ages.

At the heart of “Kasoombo” lies the inspiring true story of Dadu Barot and his band of 51 villagers who courageously stood against the formidable might of the Khilji army to save the temples and uphold the glory of Sanatan Sanskriti.

Dr. Jayantilal Gada (Pen Studios), expressed his excitement about bringing this timeless tale to a wider audience. He remarked, “We are thrilled to present ‘Kasoombo’ to audiences across India. This film is not merely entertainment; it is a tribute to the valor and sacrifice of our ancestors, whose stories continue to inspire us today.”

Director Vijaygiri Bava shared his thoughts on the film’s journey, stating, “With ‘Kasoombo,’ our aim was to honor the legacy of Gujarat’s brave Sanatani warriors and their historic stand against oppression. I am grateful to Pen Studios for their unwavering support in bringing this vision to life.”

Pen Marudhar, the biggest network for India release, will be distributing the film as an All India release. “Kasoombo” stands as a testament to Gujarat’s rich heritage of courage and sacrifice, reminding audiences of the timeless values that define the land. As the nation prepares to witness the epic clash between 51 villagers and the Khilji army, the spirit of bravery and dedication resonates now more than ever.

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