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‘Pasoori Nu’ Singer, Ali Sethi Ties Knot With His Rumored Beau Salman Toor In New York; Netizens Debate!

Ali Sethi is a renowned Pakistani singer, known for his heart-touching melodious voice. The singing star is known for his various singing styles, including classical, folk and contemporary music. With his distinct blend of traditional and modern influences, Ali Sethi continues to win audiences’ hearts both in Pakistan and beyond. Sethi made his indelible mark in the music industry with hits like, ‘Chan Kithan’ and ‘Dil Jalanay Ki baat’ etc. However, his song, Pasoori Nu made him gain immense recognition worldwide. And now reports are going rife that Ali Sethi has recently got married with his rumored boyfriend Salman Toor.

Reports further reveal that the couple got married in a low-key wedding ceremony in the New York City. Since homo-marriage or same-sex marriage is illegal in Pakistan, netizens have debated over their rumored wedding. While some internet users have congratulated them, other have took an incessant dig over the duo’s relationship.

Pasoori Nu Singer, Ali Sethi ties knot with rumored beau Salman Toor

As per multiple media reports, it is revealed that the renowned Pakistani singer, Ali Sethi has got married to his long-time rumored beau, Salman Toor. If reports are to be considered, the Pasoori Nu singer tied the knot with Salman Toor in a confidential wedding ceremony in New York. However we do not confirm this news since neither Ali nor Salman has stated any confirmation about the same. For the uninitiated, Salman is a painter by profession.

Netizens react at Ali Sethi-Salman Toor’s rumored wedding

As soon as Ali and Salman’s wedding news set fire on the internet, social media users expressed their reactions over the same. One user commented, “Mubarka”, while another one wrote, “He is too awesome to be just a straight guy. Yesssss Mubarak ho.” On the other side of the coin, there were users who took a dig at the duo’s same-sex marriage. One of the internet user labelled Ali and Salman’s marriage, “Haraam.” A fourth user sarcastically wrote, “At least he married in the same religion (with a laughing emoji)”

'Pasoori Nu' Singer, Ali Sethi Ties Knot With His Rumored Beau Salman Toor In New York; Netizens Debate!

To talk about the duo’s love story, reportedly both Ali and Salman have been in a relationship for quite some time now. The couple first met each other during a creative art session at Aitchison College.

When Ali talked about protecting Salman during college days

'Pasoori Nu' Singer, Ali Sethi Ties Knot With His Rumored Beau Salman Toor In New York; Netizens Debate!

The iconic duo, Ali Sethi and Salman Toor had once disclosed about assisting each other while they were studying in the college. Salman talked about the same and shared that he considered Ali Sethi his dearest friend in the entire class. He further said, “I knew I had found the person I wanted to be with for good.” Ali shared that he used to protect Salman in the class. The other batch mates would consider Salman the most vulnerable student. Salman’s revelation could be heard as:

“I think we were all trying to protect Salman, he was the most vulnerable one, because he didn’t have any defense mechanisms. Other students considered me as the tallest person in the class. I was a teacher-pleaser, but Salman was guileless. When boys made fun of him, he couldn’t fight back.”



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