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Paras Kalnawat Hits Back At His Anupamaa Co-Actors

Paras Kalnawat who has quit Anupamaa has hit back at his co-actors Nidhi Shah and Aashish Mehrotra as they laughed off at Paras’ claims who said that ‘80% of the cast would want to exit if given an opportunity’. He in an interview has blasted at both the actors as he shared some shocking details about the show. Read on to know what he has said.

Paras told Hindustan Times that he wrote about his bad experience on the set of Anupamaa, because he has left the show. So, it was not necessary for Nidhi and Aashish to comment on what he thinks and what he feels.

The actor also said that he contacted both the actors after reading their interviews. He said of telling them how they have back stabbed him. He also said that if one go and asks them the same question about his statement, their answers will differ from what they originally said. It’s because he has sent them proofs for his claims, the screenshots of message he has from people working in the show, who are not happy and want to leave due to the chaotic environment, but are staying back because of their responsibilities.

Paras said that they had nothing to say about it after that as they know his complaints are genuine.

Paras, while talking about the ‘chaotic environment’ in Anupamaa also revealed that there used to be fights between actors, screaming at one another. And everyone, including him, would get dragged into it. Further recalling, he called it an ‘ugly rat race and ego clash where no actor could see others doing better than them’.

He also said that they were pulling the other person down instead of supporting each other.

Kalnawat has also said that both Nidhi and Aashish have apologised to him but he feels that talking about him in public and apologising in private is not the solution.

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