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Nothing To Feel Insulted About If Someone Calls You Fat: Marathi Actress Akshaya Naik

Akshaya Naik is currently seen in Sundara Manamadhe Bharli.

Akshaya Naik said the word has been associated with a negative connotation for a long time.

Marathi actress Akshaya Naik of the daily soap Sundara Manamadhe Bharli fame has received accolades from the audience for her acting skills. One of the rising actresses in the Marathi cinema, Akshaya has also received a lot of hate for her body weight. She talked about this issue in an interview with Calakar By Myriad Arts, a channel started by Shreyas Desai and Pranali Nimkar.

Shreyas asked Akshaya whether a healthy girl like her has to endure trolling due to her weight. According to Shreyas, Akshaya should not be considered fat, but healthy. The actress was not offended by this and said that she doesn’t have any problem if people use the word fat for her. She further said that people start to feel ashamed of themselves if someone uses the word fat for them. According to her, this happens because the word itself has been associated with a negative connotation for a long time. Akshaya added that there is nothing to feel insulted about if someone calls you fat and she has accepted it after a long time.

This interview is available in 2 parts. Check it out here:

Akshaya has addressed the problem faced by plus-sized actresses previously as well in an Instagram post. The actress wrote that she has been conscious of her weight ever since she wanted to be an actress. She also wrote that overweight artists have been shown in shows as characters, who are ridiculed for their size.

The actress is happy that she could end these presumptions with her role in Sundara Manamadhe Bharli. She essays the lead role of a girl Latika in this series who faces a lot of rejection due to her weight. Latika’s life changes after she meets Abhimanyu (Sameer Paranjape), a fitness enthusiast. Sameer was later replaced by another actor Kunal Dhumal in this show.

According to Akshaya, people should not just keep waiting for the right chance and create their opportunities. She expressed her gratitude to the Colors Marathi and Sundara Manamadhe Bharli’s producer Manava Naik. She also thanked the show’s writer Madhugandha Kulkarni and the entire team.

Besides this show, Akshaya has also played a key role in Fit India, directed by Rajeev Barnwal.

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