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Monkey Bites ‘Sumbul Toqueer’ While Visiting Ooty, Shares Wound Pictures From Hospital: Checkout!

Imlie actress Sumbul Touqeer went on her first trip with her friend Ulka Gupta. Both the BFF had reached Ooty when actress Sumbul was bitten by a monkey there. After this Sumbul was hurriedly taken to the hospital. In such a situation, Sumbul has shared the picture of the monkey’s teeth marks and the wound caused by it with the fans.

Monkey Bites Sumbul Toqueer



This incident happened to her on the second day of her trip. After being bitten by a monkey, her BFF Ulka took her to the hospital. The two then shared several photos on their Instagram. Sharing photos Sumbul called the wound “art” and the monkey “artist”. Previously, a video was published in which sumbul and her friend rush to the airport. Actually, both were very late for their flight on their first trip. In this situation, they were both in a hurry.

Sumbul Toqueer Visits Ooty with sister


Posting the video, he wrote, “My two daughters are embarking on their first trip. Both go to Ooty. She’s already very late. But I’m trying to get in touch with my two daughters as soon as possible. She will definitely come to Ooty. Today by plane or by train.

Sumbul and Ulka also shared the photo from Coimbatore airport after arriving in Ooty. ‘Our first flight together,’ Ulka wrote at the time. We’re both rushing to the airport. Apart from that, both sisters shared numerous photos of Ooty. During this time, Sumbul could be seen drinking hot tea in the cold.


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