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Market Mahalakshmi Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Time and More

Market Mahalakshmi Movie OTT Release Date: The Market Mahalakshmi film is slated to premiere in theaters on March 26, 2024. The film ‘Kerintha’ propelled the young actor Parvateesam to prominence. His mastery of the idiom Srikakulam established him as a well-known actor. After that, he appeared in a handful of films, but none of them contributed to the advancement of his career. Nevertheless, he is currently starring as the protagonist in the film Market Mahalakshmi. Actor Sivaji, who returned to the public eye with Bigg Boss 7 Telugu, revealed the film’s title and first glimpse. He admired the Market Mahalakshmi first look poster and congratulated the entire staff. Bekkem Venugopal, a renowned producer, was in attendance at the occasion and extended his congratulations to the team.

Regarding the initial appearance, it appears to be quite modern. In recent history, this particular type of love narrative has been absent. The vegetable vendor portrayed by ‘Praneekaanvikaa’ and Parvateesam, who is seated at the garden center with a laptop, appear enraged. Market Mahalakshmi is anticipated to be an entertaining love narrative. Undoubtedly, two unique characters—a software developer and a vegetable woman—elicit laughter in the theaters. Upon initial inspection, Parvateesam assumes the archetypal Srikakulam persona, whereas the woman appears to be an authentic Telangana girl. Market Mahalakshmi is anticipated to feature a novel storyline anchored by skillfully crafted protagonists and a touch of wit. Nonetheless, the filmmakers have set the film’s release date for March 2024. Continue tuned for further information regarding the film.


The protagonist of Market Mahalakshmi is a software professional who develops feelings for a vegetable lady. Whether or not she will acknowledge his affection is the central conflict of the narrative.

Cast & Crew

Others include Mukku Avinash, Praneekaanvikaa, Harsha Vardhan, and Mahaboob Basha. The film was directed by VS Mukkhesh, with Surendra Chilumula operating the camera. Mr. Joe composed the audio, while RM Vishwanadh Kuchanapally oversaw the editing process. The film was produced by Akhilesh Kalaru under the banner B2P Studio.

Market Mahalakshmi Movie OTT Release Date, Digital Rights, and Satellite Rights

Market Mahalakshmi is currently in the concluding phase of post-production, and the entire film will be completed very shortly. Vishwa Mukkhesh, who has previously appeared in a number of short films, is poised to make his directorial début with Market Mahalakshmi. While unveiling the first look poster for Market Mahalakshmi, Mukkesh predicted that this film would appeal to a wide range of viewers due to its original plot, diverse cast, and abundance of comedic moments. Observe how he managed the film and how it is received by the audience.

Movie Name Market Mahalakshmi
OTT Platform TBA
OTT Release Date TBA
Theatrical Release Date March 2024
Director VS Mukkhesh
Starring Parvateesam, Praneekaanvikaa, Harsha Vardhan, Mukku Avinash, and others
Language Telugu
Film Industry Tollywood

Market Mahalakshmi Movie OTT Release Date

Information regarding digital rights for Market Mahalakshmi has not yet been disclosed by the film’s producers; however, a tentative release date of 26 March 2024 has been established. With Parvateesam in the principal role of this film. The 2015 film ‘Kerintha’ is the film by which Parvateesam is best recognized. Subsequently, he appeared in numerous films, including Jagannatakam, Anne Nenu Naa Boyfriends, Bhale Manchi Chowka Beram, Operation Gold Fish, A1 Express, and Induvadan. Notwithstanding his limited screen time, he performed admirably in each of these films. Obtaining back-to-back proposals is currently exceedingly difficult due to the intense competition. Parvateesam was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play the principal role in the Market Mahalakshmi film. Presently, audiences are willing to tolerate any actor as long as the material is of high quality; thus, Market Mahalakshmi appears to have intriguing material. We wish Parvateesam every success with this production.

Season four of Bigg Boss Telugu propelled YouTuber Mahaboob Basha to prominence; she will play a significant role in this film. Mukku Avinash, a humorist from Jabardasth, has appeared in a considerable number of films prior to assuming a pivotal role in this one. Whether it be a film or a Jabardast performance, Mukku Avinash will give his all. I am certain that his exceptional comedic timing will make him a valuable asset to Market Mahalakshmi. Concerning the Market Mahalakshmi OTT release date, the developers have not yet made an announcement at this time. Upon the film’s official release, every detail will be disclosed.

Market Mahalakshmi Movie OTT Platform (Digital Rights)

In this film, Praneekaanvikaa portrays the female protagonist. This Market Mahalakshmi film serves as her female main film debut. During the first-look reveal, she stated that a great number of young women can identify with her character, which made her appear ecstatic about the likelihood. Despite the fact that it is a debut, being offered the opportunity to portray the title character is both fortunate and difficult. Positively, we have observed that few filmmakers are crafting engaging female protagonists. The character Mahalakshmi is portrayed as robust due to the fact that the narrative centers on her.

In this film, writer, comedian, and director Harsha Vardhan plays a pivotal role. Recently, he appeared in the Miss Perfect web series as a minor character. Despite having limited screen time, his comedic style elicits hilarity. I am certain that he will also manage to make us chuckle with this film. With regard to the digital rights of Market Mahalakshmi, the purchaser of said rights remains unknown. We anticipate that every detail will be disclosed subsequent to the film’s theatrical release.

Theatrical Release Date: March 2024

Digital Rights: TBA

OTT Release Date: TBA

Satellite Rights: TBA

Satellite Release Date: TBA

Market Mahalakshmi Trailer

Market Mahalakshmi Movie OTT: FAQ

When is Market Mahalakshmi OTT Release Date and Time?

Not Declared, Market Mahalakshmi movie makers have not yet announced.

Theatres, the Market Mahalakshmi movie will hit the theatres in March 2024.

Not Declared, Market Mahalakshmi movie haven’t announced yet.

Not Declared, Market Mahalakshmi movie haven’t been released yet

No, Not Available on Netflix

No, Not Available on Prime Video

No, Not Available on Aha Video

No, Not Available on Hotstar

Final Words

It is anticipated that Market Mahalakshmi, a comedy entertainer, will be released in March 2024. A compelling narrative will serve as the film’s unique selling proposition. It remains to be seen how the audience reacts.

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