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Margot Robbie Opens Up About Her Childhood And Reveals She Wasn’t A Big ‘Barbie’ Fan As A Kid!

Margot Robbie opens up about her childhood. Margot Robbie, who plays the fictional character in Barbie, reveals she wasn’t a lover of the fashion doll ‘Barbie’ as a kid. The actress admitted that she did not enjoy playing with dolls. Continue reading!

The Barbie movie will be released on July 21, and fans are excited to watch their favourite doll come to life on the big screen. However, the film’s female lead, none other than the amazing Margot Robbie, revealed a lesser-known aspect of her childhood that differs from the image of a normal Barbie Girl. The actress admitted that she did not play with toys.

Margot Robbie Admits She Wasn’t A Big Barbie Fan As A Kid.

In an interview with People.com, the 33-year-old actress opened up about her youth in Queensland, Australia, and honestly disclosed her childhood play choices, which weren’t just about Barbie dolls.

While Barbie has won the hearts of millions around the world, Robbie’s childhood activities were far from typical; she was more of a “roll-around-in-the-mud kind of gal.” She does, however, recall meetings with her sister’s and cousin’s Barbies, but with a peculiar twist.

Margot admitted that Barbie dolls were not her favourite toy as a child. When asked if she had any recollections of playing with Barbie dolls, the 33-year-old actress replied, “I didn’t personally have any that I can recall.” Instead, Robbie remembered her sister and cousin having Barbie dolls that she occasionally played with. She took the opportunity to say “I was not genuinely really much of a Barbie fan when I was a kid.”

So, what kind of a woman was she? She enjoyed a different kind of adventure, according to Robbie. When she did play with dolls, she chose unusual ones – “all weird,” as she describes them. As the actress explained, “they were all so janky because they weren’t well taken care of.” In other words, they were all like strange Barbies.”

Margot Robbie As A Barbie Producer.

Despite not being a huge Barbie fan, Robbie’s involvement in the film has been a labour of love for her. Even Robbie was taken aback by the audacious decision to bring Barbie to the big screen as a rather weird PG-13 comedy. “Throughout a few of our numerous discussions with Greta Gerwig, I sat down and began to read the script,” she said.

There was a joke on page one that made me think, ‘They’ll never let us film this movie.’” However, Barbie’s parent company, Mattel, approved the idea, allowing Barbie’s wonderful adventure to be filmed. Working on the film has given Robbie a new appreciation for the legendary doll and what she stands for. When asked about the project’s motivation, Robbie mentioned the concept of self-acceptance.

Meanwhile, The Barbie movie set to hit theatres soon. Greta Gerwig directed the film, which also stars Ryan Gosling as Ken.

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