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Mannara Chopra Hints At Bigg Boss Contestants Becoming Arrogant: ‘They’re Experiencing It For The 1st Time’

Mannara Chopra was the second runner-up in Big Boss 17.

Mannara Chopra talked about losing a fairness cream commercial a few years ago.

Mannara Chopra talked about life post Bigg Boss 17 in an interview with Siddharth Kannan. The actress mentioned that some people who found fame on the show, like Munawar, have become arrogant. Talking about her reputation in the industry, Mannara said that although some may see her work as limited, they wouldn’t question her character. “Your credibility is counted the minute you turn your back,” she said. Mannara said that she believes that people’s opinions about others shape their credibility, sticking with them for life.

In the interview, Mannara talked about how success comes and goes. “Aapka success aata hai aur aapka success jaata hai,” she said, adding that she has seen people post Bigg Boss getting very arrogant after tasting the success and power. “Because they’re experiencing it for the first time so they feel arrogant or that they’re ruling the world,” she said.

The actress said she sees her Bigg Boss experience as a beginning—a step forward in her career. Mannara stressed that she remains grounded as she still has a long way to go. She insisted that success hasn’t changed her and urged her fans to do the same. Additionally, she encouraged people not to lose heart during difficult times.

In another chat, Mannara explained why she kept mum about her sisters Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra and shared her love for her sister Priyanka’s success. She said during a chat with Siddharth Kannan that if she mentioned her family, people might have accused her of nepotism.

“If I would take my family’s name, they would have called me a nepo kid. They would have said that I don’t have a personality. Now that I didn’t take their names, they created another story that I my relationship with my sisters is not good. My relations are very sorted. I am a very loving child and I have learned this from my mother,” she said.

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