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Malaika Arora Is Hiding Her Real Age? Viral Interview with Sajid Khan and Arbaaz Khan Leaves Netizens Bewildered

Age has always been a topic of curiosity and speculation, particularly in the entertainment industry. Recently, a viral interview featuring Malaika Arora, Sajid Khan, and Arbaaz Khan has stirred up a storm of confusion among netizens. In the interview, certain statements and reactions led to speculation that Malaika Arora might be concealing her true age.

The Viral Interview

The interview in question took place years ago when Malaika Arora, Sajid Khan, and Arbaaz Khan appeared together on a talk show. Throughout the conversation, Sajid Khan made several remarks that hinted at Malaika Arora possibly being older than her publicly known age. The reactions and interactions between the guests further fueled the speculation.

In a clip, Sajid Khan asks the actress how it feels to marry a person who is younger than you. In the same video, Sajid also mentioned that Malaika is two years old than Arbaaz Khan. To this, Malaika replied by saying she feels good about it. Now, this has left the netizens confused, a few of the social media users pointed out that if Arbaaz is 55 then Malaika Arora should be 57 years old, but the Wikipedia says she is 49.

Meanwhile, Malika Arora recently made headlines for sharing a semi-nude picture of her current boyfriend Arjun Kapoor. The duo has an age gap of 12 years and has been together for the past four years. According to Malaika both she and Arjun are ready to tie the knot anytime soon. In an interview, she said that they both feel they are ready and she can’t wait to set up a home with him.

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