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“Making a socially relevant film weaving five stories into one was an interesting challenge” – Panch Kriti Producer Haripriyaa Bharggav

As a producer, Haripriyaa Bharggav has always believed in lending her might to films that tells stories that could bring a positive change in the society. When she read the script of ‘Panch Kriti Five Elements’, she knew immediately here was a film that deserved to be made for the celluloid. What was interesting was the fact that the film was not narrating one but five distinctive stories.

Talking about the unique process of putting together a film of this nature, producer Haripriyaa Bharggav says, “Making a socially relevant film weaving five stories into one was an interesting challenge. I had never produced an anthology before, so initially I did some research on this format. While ‘Panch Kriti Five Elements’ is an anthology, it is different from most of the anthologies the audience has seen till date. Most anthology films multiple stories that are independent of each other. Our film, however, features stories that are tied to each other. When you see the film, you will be able to identify the connection between the five films”.

In today’s times, when socially relevant films have taken a backseat and it is being said that only the big, tentpole films featuring big stars can draw audiences to the theatres, Haripriyaa begs to differ. She believes what the audience wants is novelty and fresh subjects. Panch Kriti Five Elements, according to her, is a film that tells stories that have never been explored.

“The USP of our film is our stories. We always believe that content trumps everything and have made this film based on that conviction. Sometimes, people make an anthology film just for the sake of it. However, I feel stories should drive the form and things should not be the other way around. These five stories belonged to a particular world and therefore, could be told in the form of a single feature length film. It is a family film and we have touched upon topics like Beti Bachao and Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”, explains the producer.

Presented by Ubon Vision Pvt Ltd, Panch Kriti Five Elements tells five different stories that are tied by a common thread and based in the small town of Chanderi in Bundelkhand. The film has been made for all sections of the audience and has the kind of messaging that will give them enough food for thought after watching the film.

‘Panch Kriti – Five Elements’ anthology through its special tastefully and creatively made 5 stories is women and girls centric. It depicts overcoming challenges while focusing on important social movements – Environment (Swachh Bharat), Saving and educating the girl child (Beti Bachao, Beti Padhai), Gender Parity / Empowerment, against female foeticide, Spirituality (Culture, Heritage, Traditions and Indian Ethos) and a deeply ingrained Indian value system that Love Lives Forever.

The marketing, distribution and promotion of ‘Panch Kriti – Five Elements’ is smartly driven by a also a unique strategy. Producers have introduced a movie industry first in that audiences can win 3 fabulous prizes in each show in each cinema.

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