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Lee Min-Ki Reveals Why Co-Star Han Ji-Min Cried On Behind Your Touch Sets

Published By: Chirag Sehgal

Last Updated: August 12, 2023, 15:35 IST

Behind Your Touch will release on August 12. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Lee Min-Ki recently recalled one of his memorable moments from the sets of Behind Your Touch which involved Han Ji-Min bursting out in tears.

South Korean stars Han Ji-Min, Lee Min-Ki, and EXO member Suho’s upcoming K-drama Behind Your Touch has come under massive fire even before the premiere of its first episode. The JTBC’s project is facing backlash ever since the release of its trailer for romanticizing sexual molestation and lacking sensitivity toward gender recognition. For those unaware, the story revolves around the life of a psychic female veterinarian whose superpower allows her to learn about the life of animals and humans by touching their bottoms. According to AllKPop, actress Han Ji-Min’s character has received extreme criticism for misappropriately touching men without permission.

Amidst the ongoing backlash, the cast of Behind Your Touch spoke to Hindustan Times about what went down behind making the K-drama. During the interaction, Han Ji-Min admitted feeling uncomfortable and asked fellow cast members to excuse her for touching their bottoms. Meanwhile, her co-star Lee Min-Ki recalled one of his memorable moments from the sets which involved Han Ji-Min bursting out in tears. It is suggested that all three leads of the show developed a friendly banter over time and it became quite difficult and emotional for the stars to bid adieu to each other.

When asked about his memorable behind-the-scenes moment, Lee Min-Ki noted it was the last day of shooting, when the crew had wrapped the filming portions. The moment was so surreal that Han Ji-Min literally ended up crying. “I don’t think it was tears of joy or sadness; it was bittersweet because of mixed feelings because we had finished shooting,” he said.

The moment allowed Lee Min-Ki to realize that the crew had a blast while shooting the project. “We poured our hearts into it. At the end of the day, we had such an amazing time together. I remember that moment fondly. It was very heartwarming,” he added. Meanwhile, Han Ji-Min, who’s also known for her role in Our Blues, stated she had to touch the bottoms of multiple animals and even humans during the shoot. She would ask people to excuse her but as time went on, the actress grew quite familiar with her role.

When it comes to EXO’s Suho, the K-pop idol revealed he visited multiple stores to observe how people work there to fit in his role of a convenience store worker. The first episode of Behind Your Touch will premiere on Saturday, August 12, on Netflix.

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