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Kumar Sanu takes us back into the 90s – Beyond Bollywood

The magic of Sanu’s voice seems to be rub on Ali Merchant too. One can’t take your eyes off Parvati Nair.

Parvati Nair and Ali Merchant in Dil Bhi Rone Laga single

By Mayur Lookhar

Ah, the 90s music is undesirable melody. You need to experience it to feel its magic. 90s singing sensation Kumar Sanu rolled back the wonder years with the all new single Dil Bhi Rone Laga. Produced by United White Flag, the single featuring Ali Merchant and Parvati Nair, was launched on 16 February.

The frenzied atmosphere in a pub didn’t really allow us to gauge or enjoy the track.  12 years later, we tuned into YouTube, and it felt like being transported to the 90s.  Though a ballad about a noble man missing his beloved, the Sanu’s singing and the music had joy written over it. Well, that’s the magic of good music that it can give relief, joy even during trying times.

An original nazm (poetry] by Kumaar, the song stands out for its simplicity, which was hallmark of many a melody in the 90s.  It’s this simplicity that pierces through classes, making one and all croon the words. Also, it’s refreshing to have a song that has more than one antara [verse]. Wear and tear is part of life, but Sanu (65) still has the charming tone.  The words and the singing have a classic 90s touch, but Sushant-Shankar’s music seems like fine a mix of old and contemporary. Mind you, such music is still like a gold dust in these times.

Take out playback singers and many a star would struggle for identities. The Ali Merchant that we see here is unrecognizable from his usual jovial self.  The magic of Sanu’s voice seems to run onto Ali Merchant too who has this somber look for the best part of the song. Here is a character dearly missing his beloved, shedding slight tears in his solitude. 

Parvati Nair is a popular name down south. She had played Mrs. Sunil Gavaskar in Kabir Khan’s 83 [2021]. Nair looks stunning, and her bright smile can lighten any sullen mood.  Cinematographer Rahul Arora captures the beauty of Nair nicely.  

As an 80s, 90s audience, we are already tripping over Nair’s smile and the vintage tone of Kumar Sanu.

Watch the Dil Bhi Rone Laga song below. We’re sure you’ll be all smiles after listening to it.

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