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Kiran Rao’s Relationship With Aamir Khan Ended His Marriage With Reena? She Reveals ‘I Was Seeing…’

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao tied the knot in 2005 but parted ways in 2001. (Photo: Instagram)

Kiran Rao says she started to date Aamir Khan in 2004, which was three years after Lagaan was released.

Before Aamir Khan started dating Kiran Rao, he was married to Reena Dutta. Aamir and Reena ended their marriage in 2002, a year after the release of Lagaan. Interestingly, Kiran worked as an assistant director on Lagaan, which left many wondering if it was her romantic relation with Aamir that resulted in his divorce with Reena. However, Kiran has finally revealed that it was not the case.

In a recent interview, Kiran revealed that she hardly spoke to Aamir during Lagaan shoot. She clarified that they started to date in 2004, which was three years after Ashutosh Gowariker directorial was released.

“Lots of people think that Aamir and I connected on Lagaan, we absolutely didn’t. Aamir and I got together during Swades, he was going to shoot Mangal Pandey at the time. We had just shot a couple of commercials with Ashutosh Gowariker for Coke and that is where Aamir and I reconnected. 3-4 years after Lagaan. I wasn’t in touch with him. In fact, on Lagaan, I barely spoke to him. I was actually seeing somebody else during Lagaan. When Aamir and I started going out in 2004, everybody thought that this started when we were shooting for Lagaan and this caused the divorce, which was not the fact,” Kiran told Zoom recently.

“When you marry someone, who has been in another relationship, there is a baggage that you bring that will affect your relationship. I strongly recommend couple’s counselling. Aamir and I did couple’s counselling. It becomes a neutral ground where you talk about your needs, how you see the other person and that was very beneficial to me. It helped that Aamir and I agreed that we both have to be honest with each other, whatever be the case,” she added.

Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao tied the knot in 2005. However, they parted ways in 2021. However, they continue to be on cordial terms and recently co-produced Laapataa Ladies.

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