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Kendall Jenner Reveals Her Dream Of Having Traditional Family And Kids: ‘Won’t Do It With…’

Kendall Jenner’s recent revelations about family planning reflected her traditional views on having a family, as she promised Kris Jenner a grandchild.

In the recent episode of The Kardashians’, Kendall Jenner, the renowned supermodel delved into her thoughts on family planning, offering a glimpse into her aspirations for the future. Kendall’s candid revelations about having a traditional family and children shed light on her desires and priorities beyond the glitz and glamor associated with her high-profile lifestyles.

Image credits: Kendall Jenner/ Instagram

Kendall Jenner promised Kris Jenner for a grandchild

Image credit: Kendall Jenner/ Instagram

Kendall Jenner opened up to her mom Kris Jenner, about her dreams of becoming a mother. Expressing her desire for a family, Kendall disclosed, “Three max, I’m cool with two though. I just want my Kid to, for sure, have a sibling. I know that.” Notably, Kendall, who has been in a relationship with Bad Bunny for nearly a year, assured Kris that she has a plan and will provide her with a grandchild when the timing aligns perfectly. “I swear I got this, and when it all makes sense perfectly,” she shared.

Furthermore, the supermodel added that for the time being she is happy with her freedom and her decision to have a baby will be accompanied by a rightful partner. She added, I just think about my life and the freedom that I have right now, and the ease of picking up and going somewhere. I just like that right now. But I’m also not to do it with just anybody.” Kendall Jenner in fact accepted that she is traditional in this matter, stating, “I’m traditional. I guess in that sense.”

Kendall Jenner plans to raise her kids away from the spotlight

Kendall has previously spoken about her excitement for the future chapter of motherhood but clarified that it’s not the right time yet. I’m excited for that time in my life. I just know it’s not the right time.

Importantly, she envisions raising her children outside the bustling city of Los Angeles and away from the relentless spotlight that comes with her name. She shared ” I try to find the balance of keeping things private and keeping things private and keeping things sacred, and also not letting the unfortunate frustration and stress of everyone trying to get in on it stop me from enjoying my side. I’ll go out of my way to do things as privately as possible.”

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