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Kathal actor Anantvijay Joshi breaks all the stereotypes around masculinity – Planet Bollywood

While the ‘woke’ audiences do not hesitate in pointing out toxic portrayals on the screen, they also don’t miss out on appreciating the performances that break stereotypes! Anantvijay Joshi has set a new benchmark with his yet another solid portrayal in Oscar-winning Guneet Monga and Ekta Kapoor recently launched Netflix Original, ‘Kathal.’

Anantvijay playing the love interest of Sanya Malhotra in the film based on the mystery of missing jackfruits. Interestingly, in the film Anantvijay’s character, Saurabh Dwivedi is dating his senior officer Mahima (Sanya Malhotra). What’s noteworthy of this romance is that, despite solving a case or working closely together, the couple knows how to maintain the hierarchy. Anantvijay’s character lets go off his male ego and rejoices in his partner’s success. Moreover, what makes the plot more intriguing is that Anantvijay’s character doesn’t hesitate in taking orders from his lady love. In one scene particularly, Anant goofs up big time and Sanya calls him out and scolds him while Anantvijay respects his senior’s words and owns up to his mistakes.

Anantvijay added, “Saurabh’s character is something that I personally resonate with. When the ladylove earns more or is at a higher position, the male ego definitely kicks in. But in Saurabh’s case, he rejoiced when Mahima (Sanya’s character) achieved something and maintained his position as a junior when she ordered him. I guess such roles need to be written and played to normalise letting go of toxic male masculinity which oppresses women and their flight to success.”

In today’s times, wherein protagonists exude anger, flaunt male ego and think it’s appropriate to demean their counterparts on screen, Anantvijay’s character is like a breath of fresh air and redefine masculinity.

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