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Kareena Kapoor Reveals Her Way Of Teaching Her Kids About Homosexual Marriage; Netizens’ Feel Impressed!

Kareena Kapoor, a renowned Bollywood diva is often praised for her modern and progressive parenting approach. She actively promotes open communication with her children and encourages Taimur and Jehangir to express their thoughts freely. The actress is known for expressing her heart out when it comes to sharing varied opinions or perspectives. Her parenting style is an inspiration for many mothers out there. In a recent interview, Kareena left netizens impressed as she revealed her way of teaching about homosexual marriages to her kids, Taimur and Jehangir.

Kareena Kapoor shares how she educate her kids about homosexual relationships

Bollywood sensation, Kareena Kapoor is currently busy doing promotions of her upcoming film, ‘Jaane Jaan’, alongside Jaideep Ahlawat and Vijay Varma. In the recent interview with ‘The Indian Express’, the actress revealed several anecdotes from her personal life. The show’s host asked Kareena Kapoor an intriguing question about homosexual relationships. The question was:

“How would you tell your child why Uncle Jack is married to a man?”

Kareena Kapoor Reveals Her Way Of Teaching Kids About Homosexual Marriage; Netizens' Feel Impressed!

Responding to the same, the actress gave a witty reply. The doting mommy of two kids disclosed that she tells her kids that love has no limits, and it doesn’t come in any size, shape or particular gender. Elaborating more on the same, the actress shared that it’s not always that love happens between a man and a woman. According to her, two men or two women can also share love with each other. In her words:

“Because he loves him, and love doesn’t come in any particular gender, size or form. And we can not try to put it in the fact that Amma has to love Abba. It’s fine. Sometimes, Jack can love John, and I don’t know, Trisha can love Prisha. That’s just the way it is. Love has no boundaries.”

Kareena Kapoor Reveals Her Way Of Teaching Kids About Homosexual Marriage; Netizens' Feel Impressed!

Netizens’ praise Kareena Kapoor’s positive parenting style

Recently, a Reddit user shared a video featuring Kareena Kapoor’s latest interview. Netizens expressed their reaction about Kareena’s distinct parenting approach. Taking to the comment’s section, one user wrote, “As a member of the community, I thank Kareena for saying this. A mainstream top Hindi actress saying this at such a forum is great. Very happy seeing this and much much love to Kareena”. Another one penned, “Well said Kareena! I’m going to use that answer with my kids too.”

Indeed, Kareena’s approach to motherhood is a blend of love, nurturing and discipline making her a role model in celebrity parenting.


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