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Feminism is an idea that has often always been misinterpreted. But who is to say that one of the biggest Bollywood actresses Kareena Kapoor Khan would ignorantly make a statement on the matter?

While Kareena has been known for speaking her mind, she has also been the subject of social media trolling because of this quality. Recently an old interview of hers has resurfaced online and is being scrutinized by netizens as being ‘ignorant’. The video features her in a press interview for her 2018 hit Veere Di Wedding.

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Answer

In this interview that features Sonam Kapoor alongside her, an interviewer asked ‘I wanted to know what’s your idea of feminism and are you one?’. As a response to which she first looked at her co-stars Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar and said ‘Well, I believe in equality. I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist. I am a woman, and above all I’m a human being’.

Her response also received a ‘woohoo!’ cheer from Sonam Kapoor who sat beside her. The video that has been recently doing rounds on the internet has received millions of comments for this statement. One user on Instagram commented ‘Same here. I could never consume h20, I prefer water’. Another mentioned ‘Tell me you are privileged without telling me you are privileged’. Yet another twitter user wrote ‘When you are born with a golden spoon and you don’t have to struggle in the industry, only then you can say that’.

Many people also commented on how Sonam Kapoor reacted to her answer, having cheered on to it. One user wrote ‘Sonam??’ among several others questioning their privilege and ignorance on the matter.

Other Actresses on Feminism

Feminism is about treating everyone equally and giving them equal opportunities regardless of what gender they might be. It places equality at its very core, which is why when Kareena said that she believes in equality but she is not a feminist, it understandably raised questions regarding her understanding of the idea and her involvement in social issues. Being as successful as she is, a woman of her candour is capable of bringing a lot of change in the society.

Many other Bollywood actresses have also been questioned about their stances on feminism. An infamous statement by the Drishyam actress Tabu mentions ‘I don’t want to be called a feminist but I don’t disown feminism. Our actions are more important than these labels’. And among the many several times when Priyanka Chopra has talked about feminism and equality- being an active ally, on an episode of Koffee with Karan she said ‘Feminism is about the choice that you get to make’.

Kareena was last seen in the movie Laal Singh Chadda. She is currently working on The Crew which also features Tabu and Kriti Sanon. Her OTT debut Devotion of Suspect X directed by Sujoy Ghosh will be released on Netflix later this year.


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