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Kalasa: The Symbol of Abundance Disappoints Despite A Novel Concept In Horror Films

The cinematography part is disappointing and the music also didn’t work.

Director Konda Rambabu has picked up a novel concept to direct a film based on the horror and psychological thriller genre.

Konda Rambabu’s horror film, Kalasa: The Symbol of Abundance, featuring a star-studded cast, including Bhanu Sree, Sonakshi Varma, and others, hit the big screens on December 15. Produced by Rajeswari Chandraja Vadapalli, the film has received a range of reviews since its release. With Vijay Kurakula handling the music, Venkat Gangadhari in charge of cinematography, and Junaid Siddiqui editing, the movie presents a mix of horror and psychological thriller elements.

The storyline unfolds with Tanvi (Bhanu Sree), an aspiring director looking to helm a horror film. After penning a captivating script, she seeks financing from a producer who suggests a tweak to the climax. Tanvi, in her quest for inspiration, visits her friend Kalash (Sonakshi Varma) in Hyderabad, only to find the house mirroring the one in her horror story. Unbeknownst to her, a man in the house is monitoring her every move. The shocking revelation comes when Tanvi discovers that both Kalash and her sister Anshu (Roshini Kamisetty) died two months ago. As the mysteries unravel, the connection between the murders and writer Rahul (Anuraag) becomes the central focus.

Director Konda Rambabu ventures into a unique concept within the horror and psychological thriller genre, creating an engaging narrative. The first half leans on comedic and emotional sequences, although some horror scenes miss the mark, leaning towards unintentional humour. However, the second half compensates with thrilling elements, and the climax holds its ground. Bhanu Sree delivers a commendable performance, while Sonakshi Varma aptly fits the character of Kalash. Roshini Kamisetty as Anshu and Ravi Varma as Police Officer Karthikeya also leave a lasting impression, with Anuraag Rajput excelling in the role of writer Rahul.

Despite the strong performances, the cinematography by Venkat Gangadhari disappoints, and the background music by Vijay Kurakula, while scary in parts, falls short of expectations. On the production front, Rajeswari Chandraja Vadapalli’s efforts may not entirely align with audience expectations.

Kalasa: The Symbol of Abundance traverses a novel path within its chosen genre, with moments of brilliance and some room for improvement, making it an intriguing watch for fans of horror and psychological thrillers.

Rating- 2.5/5

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