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‘Just Felt Like Hiding’: Ariana Grande Admits To Getting A Lot Of Lip Filler And Botox Over The Years!

Ariana Grande opened up about her beauty journey on a recent interview. She discussed her relationship with beauty and why ageing can be a beautiful thing and later admitted she was “nervous” about the video going public; Continue reading!

The singer discussed her experiences with cosmetic enhancements and her evolving perspective on beauty standards while demonstrating her skincare and makeup routines.

While celebrities would have you believe that the secret to their plump skin and perfect lips can be found at the bottom of a bottle of serum or in a green smoothie, that is not the case.

Cosmetic treatments are a well-kept secret, and while few celebrities openly discuss them, no famous face goes without a quick nip or tuck when fine lines appear or jowls begin to drop. So hearing megastar Ariana Grande speak candidly about her relationship with botox, fillers, and makeup in general was refreshing.

Ariana Grande Opens Up About A Ton Of Lip Fillers And Botox.

Ariana sat in front of the camera for a interview as part of their Celebrity Beauty Secrets series and went through her usual makeup routine while discussing beauty in general.

Ariana Grande revealed that she had “a tonne of lip filler over the years” as well as Botox treatments. However, in 2018, she made a significant decision to discontinue these procedures due to feelings of overwhelm and the belief that she was hiding herself behind these cosmetic enhancements.

“Full transparency, as a beauty professional, as I do my lips, I’ve had a lot of lip filler and Botox over the years,” she said. I stopped in 2018 because it was just too much for me. “I just felt like hiding, you know.”

Ariana Grande On Embracing Her True Self.

Ariana Grande admitted in a vulnerable moment that, for a long time, her perception of beauty was intertwined with the act of concealing herself. She admitted to using makeup to “disguise” herself and conceal her true self. Grande’s perspective has shifted as she has matured, viewing makeup as a means of self-expression rather than a veil to hide behind.

She emphasised the deeply personal nature of beauty and self-acceptance, as well as her desire to embrace her natural beauty, including her “well-earned cry and smile lines.”

While Grande is open to future cosmetic enhancements, she believes that people should have the freedom to make choices that make them feel beautiful. She sees ageing as a beautiful journey and is open to the possibility of a facelift in the future.

Ariana Grande’s candid conversation echoes her previous statements about body image, emphasising the importance of kindness and empathy in discussions about appearance, as well as the importance of not passing judgement on other people’s bodies.

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