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Jungkook Breaks Social Media Silence with Video of His Sleep Routine, BTS ARMYs Ecstatic

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Last Updated: January 24, 2023, 14:05 IST

BTS member Jeon Jungkook revealed his sleeping habits in a new video.

BTS member Jeon Jungkook shared his sleep routine with ARMYs in a new video on Weverse, with useful tips which could help one fall asleep.

BTS ARMYs have been crying about missing Jeon Jungkook on social media. The singer has been awfully quite lately, while other members of the band have been spotted engaged with their various activities, or flying in and out of South Korea. But a video of Jungkook talking about his sleep routine, shared on Weverse, seemed to have pacified his fans somewhat.

Sleeping is a big part of a person’s life, even when a hectic work schedule prevents you from getting 8 hours of sleep. Not only the time, but there’s more to think about – such as which position could be the best to fall asleep in and what workout should be performed before going to bed. Jungkook made his return to Weverse to reveal secrets and tips about his bedtime routine. “ARMY, I hope this helps you,” said Jungkook in a short clip before divulging details of his sleep routine.

Take a look at the video here:

How to regain your sleep cycle?

There are times when one might sacrifice hours of sleep hours due to work or traveling. When Jungkook doesn’t manage to sleep properly, he does feel tired the next day but chooses to stay awake and exhaust himself until he passes out at night to regain his regular sleep cycle. “When you stray from your cycle like if you sleep in the morning or late at night, you wouldn’t be sleepy at night if you woke up late. Then, the next day even if I’m a bit sleepy I try to stay awake till the night. I try to stay awake until I pass out at night. I usually have my room at the ideal temperature. I can’t sleep if it’s too hot or too cold,” he said.

What should you wear at night?

While pajamas might be the go-to article of clothing to sleep at night for many, Jeon Jungkook reveals, “I don’t really wear pajamas.” But he suggests that everyone should wear comfy clothes. “I sleep better in comfy clothes,” he added.

Which position is the best to sleep in?

The BTS member prefers to sleep flat on his back but always ends up lying on his stomach in the morning. “I try to sleep on my back but I break out of it as I fall asleep I always wake up on my stomach. I want to fix it but I can’t control myself,” he explained. According to Healthline, sleeping flat on the back is the best position to fall asleep in as it provides more health benefits and even protects a person’s spine. In addition to this, the position also helps in relieving knee or hip pain.

When should you not sleep?

Sleeping right after eating food is a big no for Jeon Junkook and he also suggests ARMY to follow the same. “Don’t sleep right after eating. It’s really bad for your stomach. Relax for a moment and slowly fall asleep,” he said. Wondering how can you fall asleep slowly? Jungkook has suggestions, “During your break time, you could be doing something. I usually do some cleaning. Hang up the laundry, open windows for a bit, or relax with a cup of tea and slowly fall asleep.”

What workout should you do before sleeping?

During the last ‘This or that’ segment of the interaction, Jungkook was asked if he prefers performing basic stretching or intense ab crunches at night. The BTS member chose a basic stretching workout. Healthline suggests that basic stretching offers potential physical benefits that can help in relieving muscle tension and also prevent sleep-disrupting cramps. However, one must make sure that the stretches are basic and gentle as doing a big workout before sleep can have the opposite effect.

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