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John Abraham Says ‘No Comments’ As Karan Johar Asks Him About Kareena Kapoor In Viral Video

John Abraham spoke about his ‘problem’ with Kareena Kapoor Khan.

John Abraham told Karan Johar that he thought Shahid Kapoor was sweet to him, however, John refused to comment on Kareena Kapoor Khan.

The internet has been buzzing with anticipation since Karan Johar announced recently that his talk show Koffee With Karan is coming back with its eighth season on October 26 this year. Since Karan’s announcement, old videos from earlier seasons have been resurfacing more frequently, with netizens deep-diving into the internet’s archives as they await the latest season. In a video which recently resurfaced on Reddit, John Abraham addressed his equation with former couple Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan.

In the video, Karan asked John, “You were recently on a world tour with Salman, Shahid, Kareena, Mallika Sherawat and Esha Deol. Everybody said you kept to yourself and stayed away. You do that intentionally?” John replied, “I have a habit. I sleep really early and I get up really early. That must have been one of the reasons why I probably didn’t hang out very often with anyone else.”

Karan then asked, “What’s your problem with Shahid and Kareena? Things are okay there?” John said, “Yeah, I think they’re pretty sweet. At least Shahid is pretty sweet.” Karan asked, “Not Kareena?” John replied, “Thanks to your show last year. Last time also you asked me very innocently with that glint in your eye. (You asked) who’s better and I told you, and I got into trouble.” When Karan asked him again about his equation with Kareena, John said, “No comments.”

Netizens took to the comments section to express their hot takes. One person wrote, “Because he was Bipasha’s BF at that time.” Another added, “John was asked who is better: Rani or Kareena. And John chose Rani cos he is a big fan. And later Karan told Kareena (on the show) that John chose Rani. And Kareena said something along the lines of not agreeing with his answer.” One person wrote, ” John and Kareena actually signed a film together under Ashtavinayak Films and they were giving interviews after interviews about how excited they are working with each other but due to financial reasons the film got shelved.”

Meanwhile, others could not stop gushing over John’s charming looks and wit. One person wrote, “Man John was so charming with that long hair.” Another added, “John during Garam Masala and Taxi No. 9211 days was something other worldly….” One fan wrote, “Why doesn’t KJo invite him again? He seems to be such a fun guest every time I come across a clip with him in KwK. Pair him up with Akshay, it’ll be great.”

As Karan Johar gears up to brew the Koffee for another season, reports have confirmed that Kareena Kapoor Khan will grace the couch this season as well. This year, she will be joined by her sister-in-law and actress Alia Bhatt.

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