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Jamie Dornan’s Vacation Took A Shocking Turn Due To A Toxic Caterpillar

Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: January 23, 2024, 11:00 IST

Jamie Dornan’s left arm, left leg and right leg went numb.

Jamie Dornan’s friend recounted they had an amazing time. But the following day took a drastic turn as Jamie Dornan experienced heart attack symptoms.

Jamie Dornan, known for playing Christian Grey in the iconic Fifty Shades franchise, recently faced a health scare during a vacation in Portugal. While exploring the wilderness with friends, including Jamie’s golfing companion Gordon Smart, the actor came across processionary caterpillars. Known for their hazardous tiny hairs, these creatures can lead to symptoms resembling a heart attack. Dornan’s friend experienced alarming symptoms, including tingling in the left hand and arm. Smart, shared their harrowing experience on BBC’s The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected. This unexpected turn during their vacation led to both Dornan and Smart being rushed to the hospital after displaying similar symptoms of a heart attack.

Smart recounted they had an amazing time during their vacation in Portugal, as they played golf, drank wine and espresso martinis. However, the following day took a drastic turn as Smart and Dornan experienced worrying symptoms. Smart, being a doctor’s son, recognised the signs just like the start of a heart attack, as he was feeling tingling in the left hand and arm. Despite his overall good health, they were fearing about getting a heart attack and rushed to the hospital. When asked about his previous day’s intake, Smart recalled that they had nine bottles of white wine and six espresso martinis, which the doctor didn’t like at all.

After Gordan Smart was discharged from the hospital and returned to the hotel, he discovered that the Fifty Shades of Grey actor was also connected to medical equipment. He recalled, “Jamie said, ‘Dear me. Gordon, about 20 minutes after you left, my left arm went numb, my left leg went numb, my right leg went numb, and I found myself in the back of an ambulance,’ Anyway, as he left the hospital, the paramedics asked them for a selfie, which is really what you want when you’re being wheeled out of a hospital room.”

In the following week, the doctors revealed the cause of their symptoms to Gordon Smart. He explained, “It turns out that there are caterpillars on golf courses in the south of Portugal that have been killing people’s dogs and giving men in their 40s heart attacks. It turns out we’d brushed up against hairy processionary caterpillars and have been very lucky to come out of that one alive. So there’s my story; the good news is it wasn’t a caffeine overdose, it wasn’t a hangover, it was a poisonous, toxic caterpillar.”

Both Gordon Smart and Jamie Dornan’s conditions eventually improved. However, as of now, Dornan has not yet publicly addressed the incident or shared his perspective on the health scare caused by the toxic caterpillars during their vacation in Portugal.

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