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Is Salaar Set In The Universe Of The KGF? Fans Point Out A Link Between Prabhas And The Yash Starrer

Prabhas Salaar is a highly awaited picture, and fans are curious about any possible connections to the KGF film series, which stars Yash. One of the most anticipated films of the year is Salaar. The movie that Prabhas will star in following Adipurush is anticipated greatly. The mythical drama disappointed the internet, despite huge hopes. Nevertheless, the Telugu film industry is still holding out hope for Prabhas.

Now that a major Salaar update has been released, moviegoers are making connections between the upcoming film and Yash’s blockbuster KGF. The Prashanth Neel-helmed film has been receiving a lot of attention, and that interest has only grown as many have wondered whether or not it takes place within the KGF canon.

Is KGF canon for Salaar?

Fans have been eagerly awaiting details on the film’s release date and teaser trailer since it was first announced. The producers of Salaar have announced when the film’s teaser can be viewed online. The teaser is scheduled to be released on July 6 at 5:12 am, so naturally, everyone is interested. Isn’t it strange that a teaser was released so early in the day? Fans of both Prabhas and Yash’s films have hypothesised as to why the Salaar teaser was released when it was.

Some fans have hypothesised that the events of Salaar take place in the KGF canon. There’s undeniably a timeline connection to the Yash starrer. As soon as the news broke, admirers began to make the association. On July 6 at 5:12 am, the same moment Rocky Bhai was drowned at the climax of KGF: Chapter 2, the first teaser for Salaar will be released. Some of the fans even provided photographic evidence, snapping a photo of the moment the ship sank when the clock on the wall read 5:12 a.m. However, there is no manufacturer-issued confirmation regarding the cosmos.

Yash’s cameo in Salaar was also speculated. The commonality of both films’ creators is another link between them. Prashanth Neel, who also directed the Yash-starring KGF, is at the helm of Salaar. The manufacturers are identical as well. Salaar, Prabhas’ forthcoming blockbuster, is being funded by Hombale Films, the company responsible for the KGF series of films. This dramatic thriller features nonstop action at a breakneck pace. Jagapathi Babu, Shruti Haasan, and Prithviraj Sukumaran all play pivotal parts. On September 28, 2023, the film will finally hit theatres.

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