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Is Mississippi Grind Getting A Sequel

Mississippi Grind has always been considered somewhat of a casino classic, and many people are curious as to whether or not we could see a sequel at one point or another.

While Mississippi Grind was most definitely no wonderchild, there was certainly a sizable audience base that was quite devoted to this movie, and this makes the possibility of a sequel somewhat feasible. Let’s dive straight into it and take a look at whether or not Mississippi Grind is getting a sequel.

Mississippi Grind’s Reception Was luke-Warm

An essential point that we have to take into consideration when trying to decipher whether or not Mississippi Grind could get a sequel is just how well it was received the first time around.

While Mississippi Grind certainly was not the worst movie ever, it was not received all too positively by both the general public and the critics, and any Mississippi Grind review you come across is likely going to list a myriad of issues and complaints.

That’s not to say that this film was universally hated by everyone. Mississippi Grind most definitely had a reasonable fan base, and there are more than just a few people who cite Mississippi Grind as being one of their favourite films.

However, as is always the case with business; money talks. Due to Mississippi Grind’s lukewarm reception and relatively low sales, it is highly likely that a sequel would not be all too profitable, and this makes the prospect of a follow-up become much less feasible.

It’s certainly possible, and if the team behind Mississippi Grind decided to go all-in, then we could end up seeing a sequel at some point in time. Even so; the chances that we are going to see a Mississippi Grind sequel are slim at best, and if you are a Mississippi Grind fan, then getting your hopes up for a sequel is likely not going to be a good idea.

No Announcements Have Been Made

If there was a Mississippi Grind sequel on the horizon, it’s fair to say that we would have heard something about it by now. Whether it be through a formal announcement or a leak, there would be some information about a Mississippi Grind equal circulating on the web if a sequel was in the works, and the fact that there is not does not spell good news.

Mississippi Grind And Betting

If you need further evidence of this, just take a look for yourself. There is virtually no information regarding a Mississippi Grind sequel on the internet, and this fact speaks volumes by itself.

If there was a Mississippi Grind sequel on the way, you would not be able to search up for a guide to new video poker casinos without seeing something crop up about Mississippi Grind – information would be everywhere.

Unless there has been a huge effort as to not unveil the plans too soon, the lack of information out there suggests that a Mississippi Grind sequel has not ever been considered, and this makes the chances of it happening anytime soon pretty unlikely.

 A Mississippi Grind Sequel Is Looking Incredibly Unlikely

Out of all of the casino movies that deserve a sequel, Mississippi Grind is going to be put at the bottom of the list for most people. The more you delve into this topic, the less likely a Mississippi Grind sequel becomes, and it seems as though Mississippi Grind fans are just well and truly out of luck.

The chances that you will see a Mississippi Grind sequel being featured as one of the top 5 Netflix movies of the month in the foreseeable future are incredibly slim, and unless a miracle happens, we might not even see this movie get a sequel. We are sorry for being the bearer of bad news; it’s just the plain and simple truth.

To sum things up; it is pretty unlikely that Mississippi Grind will get a sequel anytime soon, and for all intents and purposes, we might not ever see this franchise be continued.

The lukewarm reception to Mississippi Grind as well as the average sales figures make a sequel look less and less feasible, and while it is possible, you certainly shouldn’t get your hopes up. Fear not – there are plenty of exceptional casino movies on the horizon, and your itch for more casinos in the film is undoubtedly going to be scratched at some point or another.

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