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Is A New Girl Reunion On The Card? Max Greenfield Has The Answer

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Max Greenfield and Jake Johnson discuss New Girl reunion. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Max Greenfield mentioned that he is in for ideas, scripts and methods Liz Meriwether, the show’s creator, has to offer.

Fans of New Girl, which ran on Fox for seven seasons from 2011 to 2018, have been discussing a reunion or revival. Previously, sitcoms like Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air featured reunion specials in which the ensemble reunited. It’s possible that The Office may receive a brand-new show placed in the same universe as the first series. The community is also set to receive a feature film. However, Max Greenfield, who played Schmidt on the television show New Girl, believes that it is still much too early to start talking about a reunion or remake.

Ahead of his upcoming Netflix movie Unfrosted, Greenfield talked to about the possibility of a New Girl reunion. “It hasn’t been that long. I think people are rushing to do these reunions. And I think, what did we wrap that show like six or seven years ago? So I think we’re going to wait on it,” Greenfield told the news outlet.

The actor also mentioned that he is in for ideas, scripts and methods Liz Meriwether, the show’s creator, has to offer. He went on to state that he believes “it’s on her” rather than Jake or his Spider-Man schedule. “I think it’s more on Liz.”

Jake Johnson, who portrayed Nick Miller in each episode of the show, is receptive to Meriwether’s ideas. Talking to the portal about a new season or reunion special, Johnson said, “So I don’t like the idea of all of us sitting on a couch and hugging in front of cameras and then getting sincere and being like, ‘What Max Greenfield means to me…’ with him right there.”

He continued by saying that he finds everything about it “bizarre,” even the notion of pulling a “Let’s get the gang back together.” “And now it’s like, ‘Nick Miller’s definitely fatter.’ I’m thinking that we’re all with our fake kids. I don’t know,” the actor added.

Johnson continued, explaining that the situation with the Peter B. Parker thing was similar. Meriwether is the creator behind it all, and it’s her vision and her show. He said that she was a great partner because she allowed them all control of their characters.

If Meriwether texted him in the middle of the night with a great idea for New Girl, it would be very different than if Netflix or another platform tried to put something together just to make money. He further stated that he didn’t think Meriwether was doing that because she seemed busy with new projects, and it would be hard to get everyone together.

However, if an idea came from her, he believed they would all listen. Meriwether is talented and gave them all the biggest jobs of their lives, he said.

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