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“Irrfan Khan showed everyone what natural acting is all about”, says Oh My Wife! actor Mudasir Bhat

Actor Mudasir Bhat, renowned for his impressive roles in Crackdown 1 and 2, has embraced the new year with joy, hopes, and optimism. Having recently featured in Watcho Exclusives’ “Oh My Wife! ,” he has shared insights into his sources of inspiration in the acting realm. Alongside expressing his admiration for the late actor Irrfan Khan, Mudasir also acknowledged his reverence for the veteran actor Dilip Kumar Sahab.

Mudsair said, “I really admire the late Irrfan Khan. He was the one who showed everyone what natural acting is all about. Every time his movies came out in theatres, I never missed watching them on the big screen. I learned a lot from him—how he approached characters and presented them on screen. He was like an acting encyclopedia, a gem in the industry who could convey so much without even using many words; his eyes were enough to connect audiences with the character and the story. Since his passing, I hardly go to theatres to watch movies, and I truly miss a talent like his.”

He added, “I’m also fond of Naseeruddin Shah and George Clooney. George Clooney is my favorite actor; he’s a Hollywood star and a style icon. Dilip Kumar Sahab is timeless and also someone I look up to.”

The actor recently played the role of Vivek, a forensic expert, who is entangled in personal challenges whilst solving a high-profile murder case, in Watcho Exclusives Oh My Wife! The series stars Sneha Singh Sisodia as Sujata, Vivek’s wife. Revealing a memorable moment with Sneha, Mudasir shared, “When Sneha was shooting for her fight sequence, I kept on pulling her leg. I remember one comment that I jokingly passed, “Meri toh apni wife se hi band bajj jaati hai. She’s quite strong and knows Karate also!” So we kept on teasing each other and tried to create a light environment while shooting.”

“Oh My Wife!”, written and directed by Shaurya Singh, is an intriguing thriller featuring key roles played by Mudasir Bhatt, Lokesh Batta, Sneha Singh Sisodia, and Deepanshi N. Shakya. This Watcho Exclusives series revolves around Vivek, who juggles professional complexities and personal struggles. The series maintains a suspenseful atmosphere, prompting the question: Is Vivek’s wife concealing something sinister, or is the perpetrator someone else entirely? The gripping storyline unfolds with suspense, keeping viewers in suspense until the very end.

“Oh My Wife!” is available for streaming on Watcho.

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