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Impressed With Darshan’s Kaatera, Producer Rockline Venkatesh Hopes For Its Box Office Success

Kateera is not a pan-Indian movie.

Darshan is gearing up for the upcoming movie Kaatera which will release on December 29.

Challenging Star Darshan is generating anticipation for his upcoming movie Kaatera. The team recently held its first press briefing, intriguing fans who have been eagerly awaiting details about the film. The cast and crew have been instructed to keep details under wraps, building excitement for the movie directed by Tharun Kishore Sudhir, set to release in just two weeks. The trailer is scheduled to be unveiled on December 16.

During the event, Tharun Kishore Sudhir revealed that producer Rockline Venkatesh, whom he fondly refers to as ‘grandfather,’ expressed immense satisfaction with the film. Sudhir believes that Kaatera has surpassed expectations, especially considering Venkatesh’s extensive experience in the industry. This marks the second film of Darshan’s that Venkatesh has appreciated, the first being the successful Kurukshetra.

Sharing an anecdote from the screening, Sudhir mentioned that after watching the movie, Venkatesh hugged Darshan and praised his acting. The director emphasised that roles in the film were assigned based on merit, with actor Vijanath Biradar delivering a particularly impactful performance as Chongla. They expect the film to do good at the box office.

Discussing the topic of nepotism, Sudhir expressed his view that being born into a family of artists is not a blessing but a challenge. He clarified that Kaatera is a Kannada movie crafted for the Kannada audience, not a pan-India film.

Darshan, adding his insights, disclosed a unique aspect of the movie – it features three special fight sequences. The first involves the use of both hands, the second showcases a fight using only one hand, and the third has no hands involved. He encouraged the audience to let their imagination run wild about the execution of these sequences, emphasising the distinctive nature of the film.

Unlike typical commercial movies where the hero often makes a grand entry after a stunt or a song, Darshan revealed that in Kaatera, the first song will appear 20 minutes into the movie. This deliberate approach aims to set the film apart from conventional expectations.

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