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I will ask her [Aishwarya] only if she is right for the role – Beyond Bollywood

The maverick filmmaker doesn’t believe in any ‘Aishwarya being her lucky charm’ talk. The actress, too, reveals that the filmmaker asks his actors to be honest in their views of the character that is offered to them.

Mani Ratnam and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – Source: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Instagram

By Mayur Lookhar

He’s a man of few words. When he speaks, people do listen. Maverick filmmaker Mani Ratnam has often cast world beauty Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in many a film.  The duo has collaborated again for Ponniyin Selvan 2. The PS: 2 team promoted their film in Mumbai yesterday [25 April].

During the presser, a scribe asked Ratnam whether Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is his lucky charm?

Before the filmmaker could say anything, Bachchan jumped in saying, “He is certainly not one to think about luck.  Luck is not the kind of factor that he focusses on.”

The filmmaker then totally refuted this ‘lucky charm’ talk.

“A filmmaker is a very selfish person. Absolutely heartless and selfish. Only thing you care for is a film. How much ever I love her, I will ask only if I think she is right for the role.  Each time I’ve cast her. I’ve believed that she was right for the role. She has been kind enough to say yes. It’s no luck or charm, it’s her talent and the personality that would portray this character,” said Ratnam.

Earlier, Aishwarya was asked whether she randomly says yes to a Mani Ratnam film?

“Guru bhakti (devotion) ! He is my guru,” said Aishwarya. The Ponniyin Selvan actress continues, “Firstly, it will be a natural yes each time (he offers a film). Now, you can call it shraddha (devotion) or gurubhatki or love. You can label it what you want. The point is it will always be a yes.”

She adds, “You speak to anyone who has had the opportunity to work with him or hasn’t as yet, (s/he) deeply aspires to work with him.  There is always great excitement. Today while giving interviews, we were asked the same. Everyone said that even if a message or his name flashes on the phone, you cannot imagine the excitement. We have shared it unabashedly during interviews. If you get an opportunity, then it is deeply treasured, respected. It is a learning curve, an experience which is unique to itself.  It shows in the reaction of the audience. It is all good. So, why won’t one say a natural yes?”

The actor though further revealed about having a similar conversation with the director recently.

“After we finished PS: 2. He just said the sweetest thing. He said be honest about how you feel about your character? Even if it’s him, don’t just say yes,” Aishwarya said much to the surprise of the media.

She explains, “Be it Iruvar [1997], Guru [2007] Raavan or Raavanan [2010], and now Ponniyin Selvan, he has always brought something magical. He said that even if it is him then you got to be honest about the character because you are going to live two lives. There has to be an honesty and commitment which runs beyond just a yes. But of course, I am going to say a yes.”

PS2: is set to be released in theatres on 28 April.

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