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“I want to keep representing Amravati through my music” – 100 RBH

Since the last few years, rapper Saurabh Abhyankar aka 100 RBH had been releasing independently. 100RBH’s music gained further attention when he participated in MTV Hustle 3.0 Represent. With his EP ‘Zindagi’, he has joined hands with a mainstream music label for the first time. The EP, comprising of four original tracks, has been released by T-Series.

In this interview, the 23-year-old rapper from Amravati talks about his journey as an artist, collaborating with T-Series, rapport with Divine, what his hometown taught him, his wish to release a Marathi EP, and more.

In 2019, you had released an EP called ‘Bahas’. This is, however, the first time you have worked with a mainstream label.

Yes, that’s right. After ‘Bahas’, there was always a plan to come up with another EP. Since T-Series has released ‘Zindagi’, I am sure it will have a wider reach. Working with T-Series has been a wonderful experience. Things have become much easier. Earlier, I had to find a recording studio and manage several other things on my own. Now, I can focus more on my work.

You real name is Saurabh Abhyankar. What made you choose 100 RBH as your stage name?

100 is ‘sau’ in Hindi and RBH is pronounced as ‘rabh’. So, in a way, my stage name and real name are the same.

A couple of years ago, you were signed by Gully Band, a label owned by Divine. How was that experience?

It was a very different experience. It is a record label which works exclusively with rap artists. I have always had a lot of respect for Divine. We do not talk regularly but he always looks out for me. When I was in MTV Hustle 3.0 Represent, I got a message from him. He told me that he was really enjoying my performances and wished me luck. Whenever he likes any of my work, he calls me.

While putting together this EP, did you have a particular theme in mind?

No, I did not have any theme in mind. The four songs depict four different phases of my life. I have given a personal touch to each of the songs as they carry the story of my life.

You are known for talking about social and political issues through your music.

While writing something, I don’t think about social issues. However, I believe if I strongly feel about something, others would be able to relate to it as well. All of us live in the same country and face the same issues. Whenever I think about something, it comes out in the form of music.

You are from Amravati, a small town in Maharashtra. Your father was a government employee. Most rappers bring the story and characteristics of the place they belong to through their music. What kind of role did Amravati play in your life?

Amravati played a very important role in my life. Whatever I am writing today is because of the experiences I went through in my town. If somebody from Mumbai gets the chance to participate in a reality show, it will not be a big deal for them. However, for people like us, it is a very big deal. I want to keep representing Amravati through my music.

One of your biggest dreams is to perform live in front of 1,00,000 people.

Yes! I am determined to make this dream come true. It might take some time but it will happen.

What are you doing next?

I plan to come up with a Marathi EP. There are many rappers today but the cultural representation, as far as Maharashtra is concerned, is missing. I also hope to come out with another Hindi EP soon.

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