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Hugh Jackman’s Intense Workout Video For Deadpool 3 Will Make You Tired

Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: March 22, 2024, 13:48 IST

Hugh Jackman to share screen with Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool and Wolverine. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

In the video, Hugh Jackman pushed himself to the limit while lifting weights and received encouragement from his friend and trainer.

Hugh Jackman recently shared a glimpse into his rigorous workout routine as he prepares to reprise his role of the iconic superhero Wolverine in Deadpool 3. In the throwback video posted on Instagram, the 55 year old actor flaunted his impressive biceps. The footage, taken last year, captures Jackman’s dedication to look muscular and classic X-Men. Despite struggling, Hugh was seen pushing himself under the guidance of his trainer, Beth Lewis. The video also features Lewis’ furry companion, Andy, who is also seen funnily motivating the Hollywood star to complete the biceps exercise. Deadpool 3, featuring Jackman alongside Ryan Reynolds in the lead, concluded filming in January and fans were treated to the first trailer during last month’s Super Bowl.

In the video, viewers witness The Greatest Showman star pushing him to the limit while lifting weights. He received encouragement from his friend and trainer, who offered guidance, saying, “Last one, lean back a little bit, there you go, gotta find that angle.” Jackman, determined to complete the set, shakes his head and then motivates himself, saying, “Come on,” while the trainer’s furry companion starts barking in the background. Jackman then jokingly says, “I got it, Andy.” The camera then shows the adorable dog, while his trainer instructs the dog to encourage Jackman, “Andy tell him, tell him Andy, one more.”

Sharing the video on Instagram, the X-Men star wrote, “When I was becoming wolverine again, my friend and trainer Beth Lewis was always by my side and so too was her trusted assistant Andy. July 26th. Throwback Thursday.”

The trailer for Deadpool and Wolverine has sparked excitement among MCU fans, as the footage is packed with numerous references. Alongside Wolverine, there are expectations that the superhero movie will feature multiple cameo appearances. Hugh Jackman has portrayed the iconic role of Logan for nearly two decades, but recent rumours suggest that Henry Cavill might make an appearance as a variant of Wolverine in the upcoming film. While Marvel Studios hasn’t confirmed these rumours, fans are eagerly awaiting any updates.

In the trailer, Deadpool is shown celebrating his birthday before being unexpectedly visited by TVA agents who take him away through a portal. Upon waking up, he meets Paradox, played by Matthew Macfadyen, who presents him with an opportunity to become a hero among heroes. Paradox guides Deadpool to a control room where Wade Wilson is shown clips of the Avengers. However, things go upside down as the superhero fights with numerous TVA agents in various locations. In a dramatic moment, Deadpool then comes across Wolverine and jokes, “Don’t just stand there, you ape, give me a hand up,” which leads Wolverine to reveal his iconic claws.

Deadpool and Wolverine is scheduled to release in theatres on July 25.

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