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Hrithik’s Grandpa’s Old Party Photo Sparks Controversy

Like any other industry, Bollywood has its share of nasty and sinister secrets that are routinely ignored. The Hindi film industry is infamous for all of its vices, whether they involve narcotics, nepotism, sex, or the mafia. These phenomena have been around for many years, and the news is always in the limelight.

Revealing the dark side of Bollywood, a Twitter user has posted something that will blow your mind! A user posted an old pic where big Bollywood celebrities are gazing at a naked woman! Checkout to know who are these celebrities.

An Old Bollywood Party Picture is Going Viral On Social Media

A Twitter user named akelainsaan has posted an old picture that showcases celebrities like Raj Kapoor, Sanjay, and O. P. Ralhan, watching a Russian Stripper at J. Om Prakash’s party. He captioned it as “A Bollywood party thrown by Hritik’s grandpa. We know how Sanskari Bollywood was in the 60s-70s. Imagine what they must be doing now. Bollywood is filled with perverts like these”. The post has generated 1.5 Million views and the comment section is filled with hatred towards Bollywood celebrities.

Check the tweet and the photo here:

Fans’ Reaction To The Viral Picture

Many fans replied to the old picture by saying that it’s #BollywoodKiGandagi. “Shameful Act”. “Perverts”. Moreover, the picture is also going viral on Reddit. Users were seen commenting that this was nothing new. “Such parties happen just not in Bollywood. They happen in political circles at all levels starting gram panchayat, in the corporate world, and big-ticket sports like cricket, and football”, said a user. Bollywood invites journalists and photographers regularly to the nude party. Besides this, some Redditors commented on them as Tharki Buddhas watching a naked girl. Some even stated that these pictures may be photoshopped. But a majority of them said that these things are quite common in Bollywood and are done secretly. 

One Twitter user retweeted it adding more fuel to the fire.

Here is another controversial picture of a stripper and Raj Kapoor.

Well, we don’t know whether the picture is original or photoshopped. Furthermore,  we can only say that some Bollywood parties are done secretly and who knows whats going behind the scenes!

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