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Hareesh Peradi Lashes Out At Alencier For His Misogynist Remark At Kerala State Film Awards

Alencier wants a masculine statuette in place of the current female statuette.

Claiming that Alencier needs medical treatment as his mental illness has worsened, the actor urged to withdraw his award.

Actor Alencier was recently caught in a controversy for his anti-women remark while receiving the award at the 2022 Kerala State Film Awards ceremony. The actor is receiving flak from cinema enthusiasts and other celebrities for his misogynistic approach. Among those who have come out slamming Alencier, actor Hareesh Peradi is the recent one. Hareesh, through a Facebook post, has urged the state government to revoke his award.

On Thursday, Hareesh, in a Facebook post, slammed Alencier for his controversial speech at the award function. Claiming that Alencier needs medical treatment as his mental illness has worsened, the actor went on to say that he does not deserve the recognition and that his award should be withdrawn with immediate effect. Hareesh lashed out at the actor for demanding gold plated statuette and suggested that he should get his gold-plated idol and display it at his home adding that he should keep looking at these idols.

Notably, Hareesh’s remarks come after Alencier received the Special Jury Mention for Best Acting and expressed his opinion that recipients deserved more than the existing prize money of Rs 25,000. In his speech, he also called for the introduction of a gold-plated statuette as a symbol of recognition. However, what he suggested after demands left everyone fuming in anger.

Alencier stated, “Special Jury Award winners should be honoured with a gold-plated Statuette. Anyone can receive a Best Actor award, but those who earn the Special Jury Award deserve a gold-plated statuette.”

He added, “Awarding me and Kunchacko Boban a mere Rs 25,000 is an insult that must be rectified. The prize money should be increased.”

Sparking a controversy over the female statuette, he went on to say, “Instead of tempting us with the current female statuette, a masculine statuette should be awarded to match the masculine leadership of our chief minister. I will consider ending my acting career the day I receive such a statuette.”

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