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Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire Review: MonsterVerse Delivers Thrilling Fights, Edge-of-the-seat Moments

A monster-verse fan is in for a treat with Adam Wingard’s latest directorial titled Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire. The film starring Rebecca Hall, Kaylee Hottle, Dan Stevens and Brian Tyree Henry is a perfect fantasy-come-true moment for anyone who has been in love with the legends of Godzilla and King Kong. The movie starts with how Kong is slowly settling in his new found home in Hollow Earth, while Godzilla is still on the surface of the Earth and battling some monsters that are disrupting the routine life on the planet. Kong, being an emotional animal, is in search for his new family. But the search through the first half only ends in vain as he is left to live a lonely life with other species on Hollow Earth.

Hottle, who plays the pivotal role of Jia, the lone survivor from the Iwi Tribe of Skull Island, steers the film to a direction where it is discovered that Hollow Earth is not a world that is untouched by mankind. A strange yet persistent signal keeps disrupting the MONARCH computers through the first half. However, the team later discovers that the same pattern of signals are also disturbing Jia’s life on the surface. The action starts from the minute Godzilla makes his presence on the screen. Funnily, the monster is seen getting cozy and comfortable within the premises of Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

While we were all taken by surprise at how Godzilla charges itself with nuclear power sources, this time Wingard has taken things a notch higher than his 2021 release. Godzilla, the king of monsters, is no more donning a crystal white body. His body is now supercharged and his eyes, scales on the back turn pink. One can only wonder what made Wingard go with Pink as the colour for a super angry and super charged monster on the run to kill yet another threat to the planet. But I guess, fantasies allow you to do that.

As the movie progresses, Kong finally meets another giant apes in Hollow Earth, but the only difference is that they are all ruled by their alpha and the main antagonist Skar King, who wishes to conquer the surface world. Kong soon realises that he needs another Titan to fight Skar King and that’s when he decides to lure Godzilla into the Hollow Earth to fight against Skar King. But Skar King is not alone. The demon ape has captured another legendary Titan, Shimo, who can freeze anything with its breath. However, twists and turns and the action sequences from there on will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

A lot of us would argue that the previous edition that released in 2021, featured a lot more emotional aspects of the monster as well as the characters involved. But this one is fast-paced, to the point, and has amazing wide shots of Kong and Godzilla flying together. Overall, the movie is a must-watch if you are monsterverse fan.

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