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Ghani Ghani: Swaraag’s new single is a tale of first love

‘Ghani Ghani’, originally composed in Hindi, has been beautifully translated into four other Indian languages Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu to take listeners on a mesmerising journey through the diverse tapestry of India’s linguistic and emotional landscape. It’s stars actors Ruhi Singh and Rajveer Verma and is sung by Asif Urra. Ghani Ghani has released on Swaraag band YouTube channel and on all streaming platforms on the 9th of September 2023.

The soul-stirring song delves into the delicate emotions of a young girl experiencing the enchanting sensation of falling in love for thevery first time. The narrative unfolds as she grapples with a whirlwind of emotions- her heart fluttering with new found happiness, questions flooding her mind, and an overwhelming uncertainty about this profound feeling. 

The twist in this timeless tale lies in the fact that our protagonist is a royal princess who finds herself inexplicably drawn to a humble horse rider within the palace. As she becomes captivated by a mere glance from this horserider, her world transforms, and she becomes willing to defy societal norms for the sake of love. The song is a reflection of a woman’s desire to live life on her own terms, even in a society that often favors tradition over individual choices. It portrays the struggle and courage required to pursue true love amidst adversity. Rajasthan’s rich and regal culture serves as the backdrop,providing a perfect setting for this heartwarming story. 

The journey of Ghani Ghani began with the lyrical powers of Olvin David, who drew inspiration from his own life experiences. Swaraag, known fortheir unique fusion style, decided to take on this musical challenge and gaveit a distinctive Rajasthani touch. The song’s lyrics, initially written in a blend of Hindi and Rajasthani, were then translated into the aforementioned Indian languages, making it a trulypan-Indian experience.

The team collaborated with director Omkar to create a visually stunning representation of the narrative, with Rajveer, the actor and story writer, providing valuable input. Asif Urra, the lead singer of Swaraag, will make his acting debut in this song and mesmerize the audience with his beautiful voice. Rajveer and Ruhi, both hailing from Rajasthan, portray the lead characters with authenticity and convention

Talking about the song lead singer of the song Asif says, “In the symphony of life, each note I sing carries the melodies of the many languages that make our world beautifully diverse. With each song, I embark on a multilingual odyssey, weaving tales that resonate with hearts from every corner of the globe.” As a singer, I’m privileged to speak the language of emotions, a dialect understood in every culture, making my music a multilingual bridge to the heart. Music is my passport to a world of multilingual experiences, where every note carries the essence of a different culture and story. The beauty of singing lies in its ability to speak to everyone, regardless of language. It’s a truly multilingual art form that unites us all. I may not speak every language, but for each song, I become a student, learning the words and emotions, to share the music’s multilingual magic.”

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