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Gauhar Jaan, The Groundbreaking Musician Who Achieved Crorepati Status in India

Gauhar Jaan was born in Azamgarh.

Gauhar Jaan’s songs were recorded by the Gramophone Company to make them available for the general public to hear.

Gauhar Jaan, a legendary figure in India’s music history, holds the remarkable distinction of being the first singer to ever record a song in the country. Born in 1873, she was celebrated for her extraordinary talent and commanding presence. On June 26, the music world commemorated her birth anniversary, reflecting on her immense contributions. Gauhar Jaan’s stature as an iconic singer was further magnified by her high charges, which made her a symbol of exclusivity and excellence. During her era, she demanded a hefty sum of Rs 3000 per song, equivalent to approximately Rs 1 crore in today’s context when the price of gold was Rs 20 for 10 grams. Her captivating voice enchanted the masses, and countless individuals harboured the dream of hearing her sing in person. To bridge this gap, the Gramophone Company stepped in, recording Gauhar Jaan’s songs and making them accessible to the general public. Through this innovative approach, her mesmerizing melodies became a cherished treasure for music lovers across the nation.

Gauhar Jaan was provided with personal accommodations when she was invited anywhere to perform. It was stated that she was always seen wearing gold and silver jewellery, and she never repeated her ornaments. SGauhar Jaan, the trailblazing Indian singer, etched her name in history as the country’s first female crorepati (millionaire) singer. Renowned for her mesmerizing voice and captivating performances, she held an extraordinary position of demand and admiration during her era. However, beneath her illustrious musical career, Gauhar Jaan’s life was marred by a tumultuous childhood marked by struggles.

Born in Azamgarh, her mixed heritage of an Armenian mother and an English father added to the complexity of her upbringing. Tragically, her parents separated when she was just six years old, and she endured further hardships, including being deceived by her relatives. Despite the adversities, Gauhar Jaan’s journey took a transformative turn when her mother, Victoria, brought her to Banaras, where she received training from esteemed masters of dance and music, renowned for their expertise.

In 1883, after relocating to Kolkata, she changed her name from Eileen to Gauhar. Gauhar Jaan’s illustrious career spanned from 1902 to 1920, during which she recorded approximately 600 songs in ten different languages, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. Sadly, despite her tremendous success, the tale of Gauhar Jaan’s final days paints a contrasting picture, as she is believed to have passed away in impoverished circumstances.

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