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Gadar 2 Drama: Ameesha Patel’s Explosive Outburst Unveils Shocking Truth About Director Anil Sharma

Ameesha Patel has been quite vocal regarding the production of Gadar 2, as well as the involvement of director Anil Sharma and actor Utkarsh Sharma. The motivation for her internet-breaking words appears to be public knowledge at this point.

Ameesha Patel, who plays Gadar 2’s female lead, has been gushing about co-star Sunny Deol and director Anil Sharma. Even after more than 50 days in theaters, Gadar 2 is still raking in the dough and showing no signs of leaving the box office. Ameesha Patel’s stunning words have gone viral and made headlines despite Gadar 2’s success at the box office. The true motivation behind Ameesha’s tirade against Anil Sharma is now clear.

Is this the reason Ameesha Patel is so angry with Anil Sharma in Gadar 2?

Supposedly, Ameesha Patel has a cause for making public comments regarding Anil Sharma, his production company, and his son Utkarsh. A report from Times Now suggests that Ameesha Patel was dissatisfied with the length of her part in Gadar 2. She tried to talk to the director about her concerns, but Sharma was unconcerned. According to Anil Sharma, Ameesha expressed interest in traveling to Pakistan with Sunny Deol to assist in the assassination of the villain.

According to the story, when the director heard Ameesha’s proposal, he was taken aback. He disregarded all of her pleadings. Ameesha complained to the director that her character Sakina should have been given more screen time. Anil disagreed with her on this point. He informed her that he would not be deviating from the script in any way. Gadar 2 is presently the biggest-earning Indian film of all time. Therefore, his strategy clearly paid off.

A tirade by Ameesha Patel against Anil Sharma, the filmmaker of Gadar 2

Ameesha Patel started it all when she tweeted about Simrat Kaur and responded to comments about the actress’s racy photos and videos. Later, Ameesha brought severe mismanagement accusations against Anil Sharma Productions. The actress said they failed to pay their bills on many occasions and abandoned crew members and technicians while filming. Ameesha stated that Zee Studios had to intervene. A small number of the production’s crew, however, publicly refuted the actress’s assertions.

Ameesha Patel appeared to poke fun at Utkarsh Sharma by claiming that Anil made the film in an effort to advance his son’s career but that Tara Singh and Sakina stole the show. Utkarsh appeared to respond to the actress’s comments about the spotlight, but she secretly hoped she had misquoted him. Wow, this is really something! Let’s see Ameesha’s response to the news.

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