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Farah Khan Reveals Why She Doesn’t Leave Karan Johar’s Parties Early: ‘Everyone Starts B*tching…’

Karan Johar and Farah Khan share a tight-knit friendship.

Farah Khan said that whoever leaves Karan Johar’s parties early becomes the subject of gossip for the others.

Certain friendships in Bollywood run very tight, with years of creative collaborations and heartfelt moments to back them up. Karan Johar and Farah Khan’s bond is a great example of such a friendship. The duo have often spoken about their bond in public very fondly, sharing both moments of sadness and times of uproarious laughter. Recently, Farah Khan recalled a hilarious incident from one of Karan’s parties and spilled the beans on why she never leaves them early.

Talking to presenter-actor Maniesh Paul on his podcast, Farah revealed hearing once that the person who leaves Karan’s parties early, becomes the subject of gossip for the others. Hearing this made Farah decide that she would never leave his parties early. She also added that she once snuck back in from the back door to test if there was any truth to what she had heard.

She said, “I have learnt this now. Earlier I used to exit early and later I got to know that everyone starts b*tching about the one who leaves first.” “Once I had left and then I crept from the back door and through the balcony I was listening but unfortunately they were not talking about me. So I told Karan ‘I won’t leave first because the moment I step out of the door, you will start, ‘See what she was wearing and all’,” she added.

Farah then went on to praise her dear director friend for his resilience and ability to deal with trolls. She said, “Karan is too funny. His sense of humour is outstanding. He cracks jokes on himself too and that is the best part. I have learnt from him. Uski jitni trolling hoti hai and the way he handles it is just amazing.”

“It’s very difficult. He is a very successful person in our industry and to take that kind of trolling every day and just ignore it… Now I feel he has started enjoying it,” Farah said.

Meanwhile, Karan’s latest film, Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani became a huge hit after it was released in July. Headlined by Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh, the film was touted by many fans as Karan’s best directorial venture yet.

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