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Fans Disappointed As ZEROBASEONE Allegedly Ditched Livestream For Afterparty

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Last Updated: December 01, 2023, 09:01 IST

ZEROBASEONE won the esteemed title of Best New Male Artist. (Image Credits: Instagram)

A cloud of controversy emerged when several fans alleged the MAMA Awards winner ZEROBASEONE of only spending two minutes on livestream before exiting for an afterparty.

The 2023 MAMA Awards took place at the iconic Tokyo Dome in Japan, with Park Bo-gum as the host. The event, which was broadcast live worldwide on its second day, celebrated outstanding production quality and iconic performances by artists. MAMA Awards were bestowed upon deserving talents and recognised their exceptional contributions to the music industry.

Among the winners at the 2023 MAMA Awards was ZEROBASEONE. They secured the esteemed title of Best New Male Artist. However, despite their accolade, it seems that a faction of fans is expressing discontent or disappointment with the band. It so happened after ZEROBASEONE’s Gunwook accepted the award at the 2023 MAMA Awards. In his thank-you speech, he expressed gratitude to the group, fellow members, and fans.

However, a cloud of controversy emerged when several fans alleged that, following the acceptance, the group members, who were supposed to be engaged in a live stream, abruptly spent only two minutes before exiting. Accusations began to circulate, with many fans asserting that the group had “forsaken their supporters in favour of attending an afterparty.” As a result, ZEROBASEONE members found themselves trending on Twitter which sparked a wave of reactions surrounding their actions post-award ceremony.

A fan wrote, “ZEROBASEONE’s livestream ended as soon as I entered?”

“I guess he turned it off in a hurry to go to the after party. It must have been more important for him to go to the party while he was busy turning on the live broadcast to say thank you to his fans,” another user noted.

But at the same time, there were devoted fans who defended ZEROBASEONE. One fan stepped up to their rescue, stating, “Why are you guys criticizing our boys? I don’t understand. Why is everyone so mad? Is going to an afterparty something to get this mad over? They are just rookies who just debuted, how can they not go? They are a group that CJ made, so how could they not go? And they are just calling it an afterparty, but isn’t it more like a company dinner?”

Meanwhile, a fan, unconcerned about the afterparty, voiced dissatisfaction with the brief duration of the livestream “I mean, I don’t want to criticize them for going to an afterparty. It’s just that I’m pissed about the 2-minute livestream, LOL. It just sucks that they didn’t even tell the fans what time the livestream would be, and after waiting for 10 minutes, they ditched us after just 2 minutes.”

In their thank-you speech, ZEROBASEONE stated, “We are thrilled to receive the Best New Male Artist award, a recognition that comes only once in a lifetime. We want to express our gratitude to all the Zeros for their support,” as reported by allkpop.

The group extended their thanks to their agency for their steadfast belief and support, saying. “We appreciate the staff who always illuminate our path. To our fellow members, we love you, and to our parents, we want to convey our gratitude and love.”

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