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Euphoria Star Sydney Sweeny Reveals Her Family ‘Filed For Bankruptcy’ Before Fame Hit

Sydney Sweeny shares her pre-fame financial struggles, revealing her family files for bankruptcy before her Hollywood success.

Sydney Sweeney, 26, known for her roles in Euphoria and The White Lotus, recently shared a tough part of her journey to success. In an interview with Women’s Health, she revealed that her family faced serious money problems before she became famous.

Image credits: Sydney Sweeney/ Instagram

Sydney Sweeney’s family filed for bankruptcy; here’s why

Sydney’s family supported her dream of becoming an actress, but it came with a price. Before her breakthrough in Hollywood, they went through a difficult time. Sydney explained to Women’s Health “I watched my parents lose a lot,” she revealed, “We filed for bankruptcy, and they lost their house back home on the lake. We couldn’t afford life anywhere.”

Originally from Washington, Sydney Sweeney moved to Los Angeles with her family when she was just 14 to pursue her acting dreams. To help make ends meet, she took on various jobs, like babysitting, cleaning restaurant bathrooms, and leading tours at Universal Studios.

Sydney said “It was hard because they were supporting my dream,” she added, “and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I didn’t want to fail them. No matter how long it took, I was going to be in a TV show or a movie, and I wasn’t going to stop until something happened.”

Fortunately, Sydney’s hard work paid off, and she became a successful actor with notable roles in Euphoria and The White House. She also had lead roles in upcoming movies like Anyone But You and Madame Web. Using her earnings, Sydney was able to buy her great-grandparent’s house on the same lake where her family had lost their home.

Image credits: Sydney Sweeney/ Instagram

Sydney Sweeney takes on endorsement deals to cover her expenses

However, even with her success, Sydney shared that being an actor isn’t as financially secure as it may seems. In a interview last year, she mentioned that she can’t afford to take breaks from acting. The way actors are paid has changed, and with streaming services, there are no long residuals. Sydney also highlighted the various expenses she has to cover, such as paying her lawyer, agents, business manager, and publicist, making it necessary for her to take endorsement deals.

Image credits: Sydney Sweeney/ Instagram

Despite the financial challenges, Sydney remains dedicated to her craft. The actress, who was nominated for two Emmys, continues to work hard to achieve her goals.

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