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DYK Christopher Nolan Apologised To Florence Pugh For Oppenheimer Role?

Published By: Chirag Sehgal

Last Updated: August 24, 2023, 18:15 IST

Oppenheimer surpassed Rs 150 crore at the box office.

Speaking about her character in a recent interview, Florence Pugh revealed that Christopher Nolan himself apologised to the actress for her limited screen time.

Christopher Nolan’s magnum opus Oppenheimer wreaked havoc in the theatres upon its release on July 21. Peaky Blinders fame, Cillian Murphy breathed life into the character of Oppenheimer, leaving us impressed. But, among other A-listed actors cast in the blockbuster film, it was Florence Pugh’s role of Jean Tatlock, Oppenheimer’s love interest, that completely stole the show. Despite her limited screen time, the Midsommar actress left a big impact on the masses and critics with her impeccable acting prowess.

Speaking about the size of her character in a recent interview with MTV UK, Florence Pugh revealed that Nolan himself apologised to the actress for her limited screen time and even gave her the option to deny being a part of the project if she was not satisfied with such a small role.

Recounting the day when Christopher Nolan first approached Florence Pugh to cast her as Jean Tatlock in Oppenheimer, the actress said that she had no clue about “what was going on” or what the film was about. “Except I knew that Chris (Nolan) really, really wanted me to know that it wasn’t a very big role and he understands if I don’t want to come near it,” she added. In reply, Florence revealed that the size of her character did not matter to her. In fact, she was willing to play the role of a “coffee maker at a cafe in the back of the room.”

“I remember he apologised for the size of the role. I was like, ‘Please don’t apologise.’ And then he said, ‘We’ll send you the script, and honestly, you just read it and decide… I completely understand the sizing thing,” continued Florence Pugh before adding that when she read the script on that same evening, she had no doubts about taking the part of Jean Tatlock.

While Florence Pugh played the role of Oppenheimer’s love interest, actress Emily Blunt essayed the character of Oppenheimer’s wife Kitty. A particular intimate scene from the film featuring Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) and Jean (Florence Pugh) sparked massive outrage across the internet in India. The scene showed Oppenheimer reading a verse from the Bhagavad Gita, while the two are engaged in moments of love and intimacy.

Oppenheimer was released on the same day as Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. In the clash between the two, the former emerged to be the winner in the Indian theatres, surpassing Rs 150 crore at the box office.

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